Senior Care Center California Helps Find The Best Homes For Aged Citizens

December 13, 2018
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California based Senior Care Center is an assisted living service that offers help to people who are looking for the best homes for their loved ones. Advisors at Senior Care Center can be reached via phone, and they listen to people’s concerns regarding the needs of their elderly loved ones. Advisors then use this information to match the elderly against a home where all the specific needs of a person will be attended to.

The Senior Care Center employs over 400 qualified advisors located all over the United States to help people looking for a nursing care facility. The center’s mission is to help families throughout the US find the best possible care for their elderly loved ones. The center also has a website and blog for people looking to get in touch or learn more about their services.

"We provide the most compassionate services and we empathize with our clients and families because many of us have gone through this exact same process," says Casey Ryeback, a spokesperson for the company. "We know how you feel. We know how confusing and daunting it can be to try to find a good nursing care home for your beloved family member and we want to help you through this process."

"Finding a long term residential home for a loved one can be frustrating, confusing and often heartbreaking," says Ryeback. "Our team of advisors are compassionate and knowledgeable and we can make this process a bit easier for you and for your loved one. We schedule free one on one consultations for those who call and then work with them through the process of answering questions and finding a suitable facility for their needs."

People in their golden years can have a variety of different needs. Some elderly people may require assisted living, where they are provided with assistance in day to day living and personal care. Then there are senior care homes where the elderly are offered some medical attention as well. Each type of facility is different, offering different amenities.

Alzheimer’s is one of the most common old-age disease in the United States, affecting almost 5.5 Million people. However, only 25% of these are diagnosed properly. Alzheimer’s accounts for 60-80% of all dementia cases. Dementia involves the loss of memory, decline in thinking skills, visual perception, mental reasoning and even mobility and communication. These patients require special kind of attention, and it is important to have the correct diagnosis in order to send the elderly to the appropriate care facility.

Some elderly may prefer residential care homes that have a home-like atmosphere. They are often residential or communal houses having up to six residents. Qualified care assistants are available to help the seniors in doing daily tasks, along with trained nurses as needed.

There are many other living options to choose from. Senior Care Center California makes sure to match individuals with the best possible homes for them. The company explains that oftentimes cost can be a major factor as well, which they take into account. A lot of people do not plan for their retirement, and do not have enough money saved up for their golden years. Elderly care, however, can be quite expensive and many of these people may not be able to afford good quality care. This is why the Senior Care Center provides free of cost services to people, and makes sure that the elderly are matched with the best homes within their budget.

Over the years, the center has provided great advisory and support services, earning them great reviews. "The places my advisor showed me were right-on. They all had services that fit my mom's needs. A big thank you to my advisor from Senior Care Center," says Nadia L.

Mark J., another satisfied individual, also gave Senior Care Center five stars and said, "I didn't know where I could go to find dad the right kind of nursing he needed. Senior Care Center helped me find a home where I know dad has the best nurses available to him."

Those who need more information can either visit the center’s website, or give them a call and schedule a consultation with an advisor to Learn more about the company.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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