Fit Mom on Instagram Shares Tips on Staying in Shape Over the Holidays

December 12, 2018
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The holidays are a time of indulgence for many people but personal trainer Sharon Lombardi says fitness routines shouldn’t be neglected. The owner of Mission: Body Possible runs a YouTube channel and launched a new program on Instagram for moms in October. Now she wants them to have the tools to keep going throughout the holidays.

Lombardi says many women get caught up in shopping for gifts and hosting relatives and neglect their routines. When January starts, they feel like they have to start their fitness journey all over again.

“Many people begin indulging from Thanksgiving. They continue to eat unhealthy foods and forgo exercise through Christmas and into the New Year. Some think they don’t have the time to prepare balanced meals or get in a workout. However, it’s possible to enjoy the holidays and stay fit,” she says.

Lombardi says women who want to stick to good practices should have a small healthy meal before heading out. This prevents them from grabbing unhealthy foods and snacks while visiting relatives or shopping at the mall. Lombardi cautions against skipping meals since this can result in overeating later in the day.

The soccer mom and fitness coach stresses that women must remain active throughout the holidays. While they should try to keep up their regular exercise programs as much as possible, they can also find other ways to keep moving. Lombardi recommends walking more, taking the stairs and planning outdoor activities with relatives instead of sitting inside.

“They should also keep up their strength-building routines. After working hard to build muscle mass and a toned body, they shouldn’t just stop trying to get stronger. I recommend that they continue to lift weights. Coupled with healthy meals, this can lead to even more muscle instead of more fat,” she says.

For women who will be away from their usual trainers during the festive season, Lombardi suggests following short workout videos. With just basic equipment, they can get a full workout, ensuring they stay on track even as they enjoy the festivities.

Since many women don’t have time for long workouts even during regular periods, Lombardi advises them to set realistic targets for the holidays. A 15 or 30-minute routine is better than no exercise at all. She recommends setting aside a period early in the morning especially when everyone is still sleeping.

As for meals, Lombardi says they should be spread evenly throughout the day. She has seen many women skip breakfast and lunch because they were running errands and then grab large, often unhealthy meals later in the day. She says smaller meals are better and five small meals are preferable to two or even one big one.

Still, Lombardi says women should enjoy themselves over the holidays. “It’s okay to enjoy a few treats, especially those you don’t usually have throughout the year. Moderation is key though, so you want to have small portions only. You should definitely enjoy sharing meals with loved ones even though you want to be fit,” she says.

Lombardi says toned bodies won’t change radically in just a week of limited training and increased eating. However, two weeks or more can lead to a setback. She says women can return to their bad habits of the past if they get too comfortable over the holidays. This is why she recommends at least some training and a continued focus on balanced meals.

Lombardi’s advice comes after eight years of being a personal trainer. She is passionate about her work since it allows her to help people get the bodies they want and deserve. She especially enjoys helping moms to work on their bodies while they juggle childcare, careers and other activities.

Lombardi knows these challenges well. When she got married and got a new stepson, her free time became limited. She had to develop a workout program for herself which wouldn’t prevent her from fulfilling her other duties. For Lombardi, time management was key to getting fit and remaining healthy.

She believes the same applies to other women. “Moms need to get creative. They usually have less time for working out than other people so they need to make the most of the time they have. Even if it is impossible to make it to the gym, they can get in a targeted workout,” Lombardi said.

Those who want to get even more fitness tips from Lombardi along with some motivational messages can follow her on Instagram.

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