New Rez Expert Software Update Brings Added Features To The System

December 07, 2018
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DigitalRez, a software and services company working in the hospitality management industry, has announced a new update to their flagship software product RezExpert. The software is marketed as a complete reservation and property management system for hotels, caravan parks, marinas and multi-resorts. This new update to RezExpert brings more features and includes fixes based on client's feedback, making the software even more robust.

DigitalRez has been working in the industry for over 23 years. They started off providing a streamline desktop-based reservation system for mainly campgrounds. The company has since upgraded to a robust, web-based system that’s accessible anywhere with internet access, along with a mobile app to make bookings easy for their clients’ customers. Clients get real-time updates on reservations and track business progress through detailed reports. They integrate to point-of-sale (POS) interfaces, which can work with their existing software.

RezExpert is the popular and robust software by DigitalRez that makes it all happen. It is essentially a reservation management system which helps automate the reservation/booking process for clients such as hotels, recreational parks, resorts and so on. One of the reasons RezExpert is preferred over other solutions is its ability for easy customization. This makes it easy for Managers to optimize the usage of their resources.

The booking system can be altered through customized policies, which the clients can set up themselves according to their needs. These can include minimum or maximum limit of days a customer can stay, setting up special offers for priority customers, up-selling services to higher paying customers and so on. The system also features credit card processing and meter billing, a convenient feature for clients as well as their customers.

“We are a business-to-business company that focuses on creating a seamless experience between our clients and their customers,” says Kevin Hall, Managing Director of DigitalRez. “It can be frustrating for both parties when a reservation was booked on their website but didn’t come through the system in time or at all. We just want to make sure that our clients are able to provide a great experience that results in repeat business for them.”

DigitalRez provides training and extensive support for RezExpert to their clients, which is one of the reasons clients trust the company. “When asked by other companies to change my reservation system, I emphatically answer no,” says Tamela Guyette, a DigitalRez client. “I enjoy using this program for my campground needs. The others seem to want to charge more for a program that has too many features that I don’t need. Y’all call at least once a month to see if we are having any issues with our program. That is wonderful and I hope you keep it up. Most of our issues have been resolved and any that haven't, I know there is someone working on it. Outstanding Tech Support!”

The new update aims to bring more functionality and usability to the system. It provides a mechanism to identify and resolve unresolved payment gateway transactions, such as in the case of network failure or credit card decline. New policies have been added to the system, and users now have much more control over their map configuration. Furthermore, there are a host of other design-related user-interface changes that contribute towards an overall improvement in the system’s performance and usability. The system is always being upgraded to enhance stability.

Being a business-to-business company, DigitalRez provides special, detailed data reports to clients that allow them to optimize and create more value for their business. Clients can track their financials through reservations, track their marketing and advertising efforts and identify business aspects that are profitable, or creating expenses.

DigitalRez has offices in Barbados (DigitalRez International), Canada (DigitalRez Software) and Australia (DigitalRez Australia). The company has a huge client base across North America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Business owners interested in learning more can visit the main RezExpert website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About DigitalRez:

With offices in Canada, Barbados and Australia, DigitalRez has been supplying software, support and systems to the worldwide accommodation, camping and charter industries since 1993

Contact DigitalRez:

Kevin Hall
Barbados Office

​Shasta House, Upper Bay Street. Bridgetown, St. Michael, BB11157. Barbados


Canada Office

Box 489, Finlayson St.Sicamous
British Columbia, VOE 2VO. Canada


Digital Rez Australia

PO Box 154, 21 Ahern St. Emu Park
Queensland, 4710, Australia
246 436 3739

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