EcoElectronix EX-20 Electric Pencil Sharpener Sells Out Quickly During the Holidays

December 05, 2018
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With the holidays fast approaching, many stores are beginning to sell out of inventory quickly and not all will be restocking their supply. EcoElectronix is an Amazon based company that has already begun running low on inventory for their top selling products. EcoElectronix specializes in providing affordable, high-quality office supplies for both personal and workplace use.

Their EX-20 battery powered pencil sharpener is one of the top selling product on and has been selected as Amazon's choice. It is the best pencil sharpener for teachers, classrooms, workstations, and desks because it includes three different power options. Users can operate the EX-20 with batteries, the included adapter, or even with a USB, this allows for easy access on the go and in areas without outlets.

The EX-20 has features that set it apart from other brands such as it’s innovative Safesharp safety function that prevents the pencil sharpener from being used if any part of the assembly is missing. The safety feature allows the pencil sharpener to be a vital part of any classroom, even ones that may have young children.

Another bonus feature the EX-20 includes is an auto-sharp light indicator. The built-in LED light indicates when a pencil is completely sharpened. The sharpening motor automatically shuts off when the perfect sharpness is reached saving expensive colored pencils from being over-sharpened and destroyed.

An employee from EcoElectronix mentions some of the reasons people purchase electric pencil sharpeners during the holiday season, “December is a very busy month for us, lots of our customers purchase our EX-20 pencil sharpener as gifts for bosses, teachers, family members, and friends. Some customers even purchase the sharpener for secret Santa and gift exchanges as it is only $24.73 and something everyone can appreciate.”

The employee added, “Our stock has already started running out and we encourage all customers who would like theirs before the holidays to please purchase right away as we can not guarantee a restock anytime soon.”

Free shipping is available on when purchasing the EX-20 pencil sharpener. EcoElectronix also offers a lifetime warranty that is included in the purchase of all office supplies sold by them, the warranty covers defects and damages to the product.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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