Redlands Valley Tree Service LLC Announces New Website

December 06, 2018
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Redlands Valley Tree Service LLC, based in Redlands, CA, has announced that their new website is now live. The company offers professional tree removal services in Redlands and surrounding areas. They want to point out that for homes that have trees in their yard, it may be time to trim some of them, or if a particular tree is already dead, it may need to be removed.

Donna Thompson, spokesperson for Redlands Valley, says, “You must take good care of the trees on your property and nearby. The last thing you want is a dead tree posing risks to your health and the well-being of your loved ones. You should also preemptively take care of risky trees so you do not have a large thick branch fall through the roof or crash onto one of the walls of your house.”

Donna points out that while trees have many benefits for the family and the home, there will come a time when some trees need to be trimmed and others need to be removed. It is good to have trees in the yard because aside from providing shade and privacy, they contribute oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide from the surrounding air. Furthermore, they can serve to beautify the place. However, trees need to be taken care of.

Tree trimming services may be required for branches of trees that are growing in an unwanted direction, such as towards electrical wires. Those branches will need to be removed to avoid the risk of the branches hitting the wires. Also, the trimming of trees may be needed to improve their looks and even make them healthier. However, too much trimming can cause harm to the tree. Thus, it is important to get the services of professional arborists who are knowledgeable on the best way to trim a tree without causing it harm.

Meanwhile, while trees usually live longer than humans and other animals, they are not immortal. Also, trees may die prematurely because of diseases and other factors, such as lightning, insects, and other causes. The problem is that it may be difficult to determine whether a tree is dying or it may still be able to recover. Once again, it may be advisable to get the services of a professional arborist who can determine whether a tree is dead or dying and may need to be removed.

Donna points out that it is not advisable to have a dead tree standing or lying around. It can become a haven for carpenter ants and termites. Various kinds of pests will set up their homes in the dead wood and then reproduce and multiply. This can result into a serious pest problem for the home and the family. Furthermore, a standing dead tree will gradually weaken over time and could fall down on people or the home, causing damage to property or injury to people. Thus, it is imperative to remove dead trees. And for this, homeowners needs to call the professionals and should not do the tree removal themselves as this can be dangerous.

Another service offered by the company is stump grinding. The removal of a tree stump in the yard is very difficult without the proper equipment. The company is capable of grinding off most tree stumps below grade level.

Furthermore, the company offers tree trimming services for palm trees. Palm trees are often found in California because they are attractive trees. However, they need to be manicured and trimmed at regular intervals in order to remain attractive.

Redlands Valley Tree Service LLC offers comprehensive arborist service in Redlands and surrounding areas. The company has the latest equipment and has specialists, called aborists or arboriculturists. They are dedicated towards providing fast, efficient and effective trimming of trees, removal of trees, stump removal, and more. Their business hours are from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, Mondays to Saturdays.

Those who need more information about their services can visit their website or contact them by phone.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Redlands Valley Tree Service LLC:

Redlands Valley Tree Service LLC provides professional arborist services including: tree trimming service, tree and branch removal service, stump grinding grinding, emergency tree removal service, and lot clearing service. Give us a call today.

Contact Redlands Valley Tree Service LLC:

Donna Thompson
1620 New Jersey St. Redlands, CA 92373
(909) 328-1542

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