Radon Eliminator Publishes New Blog Post On Choosing A Radon Mitigation Company

December 05, 2018
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Radon Eliminator in Uniontown, Ohio announced recently that they have a new blog post on their official company blog. The newest blog post is related to how home and business owners can choose a reputable radon mitigation company.

Cedric Mims, a representative for the radon mitigation company says, “Radon is a dangerous gas that is found in high levels in certain areas of Ohio. In fact, we have one of the highest levels of radon exposure in the nation and people need to be aware of this fact as well as the risks of exposure.”

Mims says that Radon Eliminator regularly posts to a blog that is dedicated to providing information for homeowners on radon gas. The company attempts to educate people about the dangers of radon and provides services to eliminate the gas from homes and businesses.

“Exposure to radon kills more than 21,000 people every year,” says Mims. “This is more than the number of people who are killed by drunk drivers every year, and it’s the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, second only to smoking and we all know the dangers of smoking.”

Mims says that the company wants to educate the public about the fact that Ohio is saturated with high levels of radon. The company states that the gas can be dangerous to people, particularly younger children, pets and the elderly and states that they offer education about the gas, as well as services to mitigate it from buildings.

Radon is a natural gas the comes from the decay of uranium. It is found in high levels in some areas and certain geographical locations present a higher risk for its exposure. Radon is found in buildings such as schools and homes, as well as others and once found, has to be professionally mitigated before the area is safe from exposure.

Mims continues, “You want to know ‘How to find the best radon company near me’, and we can help. Our new blog post has information that you need that will help you to choose a company that will effectively and safely remove that gas from your home or business.”

Mims says that the first step is to have a radon test done to see if the gas is present. If radon is detected, there are certain mitigation systems that the company recommends that consumers or businesses use to help eliminate the gas inside the building. Mims says that the only way to properly eliminate radon is to go through a professional radon mitigation company as consumers will typically not have the knowledge or the equipment needed to effectively do so, and continues that their new blog post outlines this and other information that is pertinent to choosing a mitigation company.

Radon Eliminator is a Uniontown, Ohio company that provides radon testing and mitigation for those living in and around the Uniontown area. The company offers free mitigation estimates for removing radon from homes or other buildings if it is found to e present. Mims says that anyone who feels that they have radon in their structure could contact the company as this gas is not detectable by sight, smell or tastes and only professional testing can find it. Radon Eliminator states that their blog is available for those who would like to learn more about radon testing, elimination or the gas in general. Those who are interested in scheduling testing or learning more about the company can visit them on their official website or call them directly.

The company states that they regularly update their blog to keep consumers informed of any new information regarding radon and to educate them on the gas and its dangers in general. Those interested can visit the company on their official website to read the new blog post or visit them on any of their social media profiles to learn more about the dangers of radon and what the company does to help alleviate these risks.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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