The Roth Firm Releases Blog Post On How To Get Car Accident Medical Bills Paid

December 04, 2018
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The Roth Firm, based in Atlanta, GA, has announced that they have published a blog post on how to get help with a person’s medical bills after an auto accident. James M. Roth, an Atlanta car accident lawyer, says that people need to understand who pays for their medical bills. He points out that there are several ways in which people can get help with their medical bills, such as auto insurance, health insurance, the at-fault driver’s insurance, an attorney negotiating for delayed payments, paying out of pocket, and getting financial assistance.

James M. Roth says, “There are certain things you need to do immediately to be sure everyone gets the care they need, and to start establishing fault. You need to call the police immediately. You'll also need to request emergency medical services if they're required.”

James M. Roth explains the steps to take after an Uber accident or any other kind of car accident. He points out that victims of auto accidents need to be careful with what they say. They should not apologize for anything because those words can be used later in court against the victim even if the victim was not at fault. Victims should also get the insurance information from the other driver and then the victim should also contact his or her insurance.

The Roth Firm lawyer also wants to point out that a common misconception that it is the driver who is at-fault who will be taking care of the medical bills right from the start. He wants to emphasize that it is actually the injured person who has to shoulder the payments until the investigation has been completed. Thus, it is important to have auto insurance and to know what it will and will not cover. For those who don’t have auto insurance, they will need to pay out of pocket.

The lawyer points out that there are different ways by which a person’s auto insurance can help in paying for his or her medical bills. This will depend on whether the state is a “no-fault” state or a “non-no fault” state. For those who reside in a no-fault state, their auto insurance will take care of all or some of their medical bills no matter who was at fault. For the state of Georgia, it became a no-fault state in 1975 but the law was repealed in 1991. Typically, auto insurance will cover up to $10,000 but anything beyond will usually taken care of by health insurance.

For those who are residents of a state without no-fault insurance, they will have to handle the paying of the medical bills. In Atlanta, Georgia there is a certain kind of at-fault that is called “proportional comparative fault”, which means that each driver who is involved in the accident has a certain percentage of blame. And if a driver is found to be more than 50 percent at fault in causing the crash, that driver will not be able to get any compensation. The insurance usually will take care of up to $10,000.

James M. Roth points out that when it comes to negotiating for delayed payments of medical bills that is the time when people will need a lawyer. It is the attorney who will negotiate with the hospital to allow the patient to delay the payment of the bills until the investigation has been completed after which the at-fault driver will be the one to pay for the bills.

For those cases when the at-fault driver is under-insured or uninsured, he or she will still be responsible for paying for the damages resulting from the accident. However, getting the payments will be a difficult and long process, which is why it is vital to be prepared for such situations by having auto insurance because most insurers will provide uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. The last and final option is getting financial assistance but James M. Roth advises people to avoid this as much as possible.

Those who want to get more information can learn more here at the firm’s website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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