Foundation Repair Service In Plano TX Gets Another Positive Google Review

December 05, 2018
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Plano Texas Foundation Pros has announced with pride that they have received yet another positive Google review. The review pertains to a foundation repair project that was recently completed for a home in Plano, Texas. The review can be viewed on the Google Maps page of the company.

Ricky J. says in the review, “They did a good job on our foundation repair. They're not cheap, but we figured for something like this better to go with the company you feel safer with.”

Plano Texas Foundation Pros is in a partnership with GL Hunt Foundation Repair, which has been in the foundation repair industry since 1987. This is a family owned and operated business that offers a lifetime transferable warranty on the work that they have completed.

Robert Hinson from Plano Texas Foundation Pros says, “Unknown foundation problems can eventually lead to severe structural damage to your home. Whether you are a homeowner or just someone who is looking to purchase their first property, foundation problems are a scary concept, and you will undoubtedly have lots of questions. There are many approaches for foundation repair in Plano, but hiring a professional is crucial.”

Robert Hinson explains that the hot climate and soil that is prevalent in the North Texas area are the primary contributors to problems in a foundation. Wide ranging temperature fluctuations within a 24 hour period cause the soil to expand and contract, which results in unwanted movement that over time can affect the foundation.

Furthermore, if there is no sufficient foundation drainage system, this can also result into problems with the foundation. Flooding can cause damage to the crawl spaces and the excess moisture can cause damage to slab foundations. Plumbing leaks can also add to the problem. And for those yards with a lot of trees, tree roots can also possibly damage the foundation as the roots get under the foundation and lift it, resulting in cracks in the slabs. More information about these can be obtained by visiting the company website at

Robert explains that there are certain signs to look out for when checking for the possibility of foundation damage. Interior indications include cracked walls, ceiling cracks and wall separation, stuck doors and windows that were not previously, leaning fireplace, unexplainable cracked floor tiles, and cabinet separation. External indicators include a cracked chimney, brick separation and cracking, cracked slabs, any cracked exterior concrete, and window frame separation. Robert points out that homeowners or building owners need to consult a professional repair company if they notice any of these signs.

There are two types of foundations commonly used for homes and buildings in Plano, Texas, and these are slab foundations and pier and beam foundations. Slab foundations often have problems because of the constantly shifting soil as a result of the wide ranging temperatures in Texas. Plumbing leaks can also contribute to the problem. For the repair of slab foundations, homeowners can choose from four options: foam jacking, mud jacking, concrete piling, and steel piling.

For homes with pier and beam foundation, there are two alternatives. If the home has a perimeter concrete grade beam, pressed piling can be use to help in lifting the foundation. The floors of pier and beam houses have been placed on beams that in turn are supported by piers, which are usually constructed from concrete. By raising the beam and by removing or adding steel shims, the floor can be adjusted.

Furthermore, it may be necessary to replace the wood used in crawl spaces for pier and beam foundations. To ensure that the wood will last longer, a better ventilation system has to be put in place so as to help reduce the humidity levels. Less moisture means less rotting of wood and the prevention of the growth of mold and fungus.

Those who need more information about foundation repair Plano TX homeowners can rely on can visit the company website or contact them by phone.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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