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Colorado Springs Website Healing Heat Therapy Experiencing Dramatic Visitor Surge

November 27, 2018
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Colorado Springs CO - Healing Heat Therapy a website that conducts in-depth research into infrared saunas, is delighted to announce that visitor numbers have increased dramatically in the last quarter. The time that visitors are spending on the site once arriving has also grown exponentially, which the owner of the site Cody Martin believes is due to a number of different complementary factors.

The site is now firmly established online as a leading resource for independent, honest and factually correct reviews and information. As with some of the best websites on the internet, Cody created Healing Heat Therapy out of frustration when forced to find a solution for a family member who was suffering crippling pain issues. Intrigued by the possibilities that infrared saunas could offer, he set out to research the different products and options available.

After many months of frustration, misinformation and flawed research Cody decided the best thing to do was set up his own site and Healing Heat Therapy was born. As well as researching, writing about and even consulting with sauna manufacturers about their products, Cody is very active in the online community and is constantly involved on social media. A recent focus is now using Disqus and hoping to begin connecting with more people on that platform. It is this personal effort and dedication that makes Healing Heat Therapy stand out from the crowd, but having personal experience of the benefits of infrared saunas is what drives Cody to help as many people as he can.

As more people have reached out to request information, the related Delicious data hub was also established and has seen an increase in views.

Finally, Cody regularly has been releasing press releases since 2014 informing local and national media outlets about the latest products or stories within the industry as a whole. All of these strategies are reaping the rewards, and Cody has a number of other innovative new ideas and strategies that he intends to implement in the coming months.

“It is almost impossible to describe the frustration, desperation, and isolation that long-term pain can cause, which is why the benefits I have seen my family member obtain from using infrared saunas are what I would describe as life-changing,” said Cody Martin. “That is why I am so driven and determined to inform and advise other people to help reduce their pain and suffering. I am delighted that the site is experiencing such rapid growth, and can only hope that my efforts are helping as many people as possible with their pain management.”

Healing Heat Therapy have been reviewing saunas, studying infrared healing and talking with infrared sauna manufacturers since 2012. They are very fortunate to be able to talk with several sauna company owners on a regular basis. Their hope is that their reviews and information will save readers many hours of frustrating online research and wasted phone calls. They have learned about the good and bad in saunas, and their desire is to pass that information along. For more information about the company and the services they provide visit their website at

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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We provide you the best infrared sauna reviews based on regular talks with the owners of Jacuzzi Clearlight Saunas, Sunlighten, Heavenly Heat Saunas, Health Mate Saunas and Vital Health Saunas. Giving you information based on our 6 years of research.

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