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Healing Heat Therapy Review Site Attracting Interest From Around The World

November 26, 2018
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Colorado Springs Colorado -, a review site that focuses on the benefits of sauna therapy, technological breakthroughs and new products hitting the marketplace, is beginning to gain traction across the world. The site experienced its highest number of visitors during the fall period since it was launched six years ago, but although visitor numbers have climbed consistently over the last six years, they were predominantly from the United States.

However, as the site has grown in popularity and established an online presence for its knowledgeable and in-depth content, its reach is now becoming international, which is fantastic news for site owner and founder Cody Martin.

Cody was empowered to set up the site when a family member began struggling with significant pain issues, which were affecting their life, and traditional approaches did not seem to have much effect, without even taking the potential side effects into the equation. After many months of research, Cody became convinced that heat therapy was the solution to their problem, but was shocked to discover just how poor the information available online was. Due to his personal experiences and motivations, he decided to create the site with the intention of helping as many people as possible discover the benefits of sauna therapy.

As well as running the website, creating new content on a regular basis, and conducting endless research, Cody is also very active on social media, as he finds this the best way to communicate and offer advice to people from around the world. His most recent Diigo account continues to grow on a daily basis, and this only encourages Cody to work harder as he can see his dream becoming a reality.

As the website’s audience continues to expand, Healing Heat Therapy also added as an easy way for visitors to locate Cody Martin and infrared sauna information and has been reaching a growing audience.

“I have the one of the most rewarding experiences in the world in my opinion because I get to help people deal with their crippling pain every single day,” said Cody Martin. “Although I am not in the medical field, I have dedicated years of my life to researching and reviewing saunas for pain relief, and I love talking to different people every single day. In many ways, it doesn’t feel like work, because I derive so much pleasure from it, and even if I were only able to help one person then it would all have been worth it. Towards that goal, Instapaper bookmarking was recently started as part of our online network.”

Cody continued, “The fact that we are now getting inquiries from all across the globe is simply exciting, and I cannot wait to start each day to reach more people. I have many new ideas planned for the website, so I hope that the growth and reach will continue to expand.”

Healing Heat Therapy have been reviewing saunas, studying infrared healing and talking with infrared sauna manufacturers since 2012. They are very fortunate to be able to talk with several sauna company owners on a regular basis. Their hope is that their reviews and information will save readers many hours of frustrating online research and wasted phone calls. They have learned about the good and bad in saunas, and their desire is to pass that information along. For more information about the company and the services they provide visit their website at

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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