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New Mobile IV App Reported by CBS News Channel 19 Cleveland

December 03, 2018
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A revolutionary mobile IV app has been launched in Cleveland, according to CBS News Channel's report. Touted as the “Uber of IV”, Hydreight Cleveland is an innovative IV hydration service that, just like hailing a cab with a phone, provides IV hydration at home or anywhere with the use of an app. With a click of a mobile phone, a medical professional from Hydreight will go to a customer and administer the IV therapy safely and conveniently.

The way the mobile IV hydration company works is simple. Customers first have to download the Hydreight app into their mobile phone and fill out a health questionnaire. After that, they are now ready to book a session with an IV specialist nearby. All this is done through the app. “We designed the process with the customer's safety and convenience in mind," according to Bobby George, the owner of Hydreight Cleveland. “We're essentially the Uber for IV's," he added.

The IV hydration company employs medical professionals to administer the IV hydration fluid at a client's home, office, or hotel room. Licensed nurses or paramedics, who underwent rigorous training and background checks, show up within 10 minutes after booking. Before starting the procedure, the client's blood pressure, oxygen level, and heart rate are taken. This is to ensure the safety and efficacy of the therapeutic session.

IV has long been used by the medical industry to treat a myriad of diseases and also to help patients with their overall health needs. A solution is administered directly into the patient's vein as part of their therapy. Traditionally, the process is used to treat and manage flu symptoms, dehydration, chronic fatigue, etc. It is also an effective way to flush out toxins from the body, give it an energy boost, improve its immunity, and correct any fluid and electrolyte imbalances within. According to Hydreight Cleveland, their IV hydration therapy can increase the body's wellness through “proper absorption of necessary nutrients”. Some nutrients and vitamins can get lost or diluted when passing through a person's digestive system which “compromises the quality of nutrition” received by the body compared to IV hydration.

The procedure is now also used for overall wellness such as a quick and effective relief from a hangover or jet lag. It can also be used as a treatment for fibromyalgia and even a migraine. Aside from treatment, IV hydration is likewise an effective therapy for the body's optimal function. George is an avid user of his own service for this very reason, “I get it because it helps me perform optimally. It gives me mental clarity. You feel better, more hydrated.” While Brigid Titgemeier, a dietician and first time user of the mobile IV hydration company, utilizes the service to “bio-hack” her body or “things that you can do to hack your body to increase its functionality.” Titgemeier adds, “It's really a great way to get nutrients quickly.” It seems that many others are using Hydreight's services for this very purpose, many of whom are repeat customers. “We have a lot of celebrities and a few athletes using Hydreight's services,” according to George, “we can't disclose their names as we take our clients' privacy seriously."

Hydreight's products range from the simple hangover cure to the more comprehensive anti-aging treatment. Depending on the vitamins and nutrients in the solution, customers can choose whether to improve their energy levels and mood or to eliminate toxins in order to look younger. The company offers the latest IV drip treatment in Cleveland suitable for the overworked corporate professional. The service is also recommended for people who are about to face a stressful week. “We have an immense passion for health and wellness and a lot of our investments are going to be targeted at businesses that make people feel better and look better,” George said.

As with any medical treatment, it is still best to talk with a doctor before undergoing the procedure. Hydreight always has a doctor on standby for any questions or concerns during the administration.

The company's app can now accept bookings within the Cleveland area. At present, clients can pay for the service using either cash or credit card, although Hydreight will soon expand payment process to include Apple Pay and Android Pay giving clients even greater convenience and mobility.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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