MyDealsClub Announces Updated At&T Deals For Existing Customers

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Jake Durran of MyDealsClub is happy to announce that they will be featuring and updating new AT&T deals for existing customers. AT&T customers can upgrade their existing internet packages to get faster speeds at lower prices exclusively through MyDealsClub. MDC is a coupon and discount code service that strives to find its members the best deals available for both necessities and luxuries.

When asked about this announcement, Jake Durran had this to say, “Years ago internet service wasn’t an absolute need. Today, it is. I believe our members deserve to get the best prices on anything and that includes internet, if not especially. If you are visiting MyDealsClub for the first time, make sure you take a look at all the other offers we have. You won’t be disappointed.”

MyDealsClub has been getting special deals and pricing promotions for their members for almost 10 years. The founder was inspired by the coupon books that arrived in his mailbox every few months and decided there should be a digital equivalent that was available all year long. It took many years to build a reputation with many big box companies, but now they have special promotions with some of the biggest names in commerce. Members will always find promotions for Amazon, Verizon Fios, and AT&T or U-verse internet.

Grace Hanning, a MyDealsClub member from Arizona, shared this review about her experience with the service, “At first, I only signed up for a specific promotion to save on my internet bill. Then I explored the site and discovered that they had deals with lots of companies that I buy from at least once a week. Now I always check the website before making a purchase. I have saved so much money that recommending them is a no-brainer for me.”

AT&T customers who want to see what special offers they can get from MyDealsClub should visit New customers are also encouraged to check out the offers as many of the deals apply to new customers as well.

At the time of this press release, MyDealsClub also has offers with other big-name companies such as Best Buy, Dell, Home Depot, and Vitamin Shoppe. Members can always browse a plethora of stores, coupons, and discount codes at any time. MyDealsClubs always make sure that their coupons and discount codes are up-to-date and working for every member.

Gina W., was looking for a good deal on a weight loss system and came across MyDealsClub. “They had an offer for Nutrisystem that I couldn’t turn down. Then I was looking through their other offers and found great deals for Travelocity. I had been planning a trip but was waiting for the right time to book to save the most money. Just by choosing the Travelocity deal through MDC, I saved more money than I had thought I would. Thanks guys!”

Though there are many deals available for MyDealsClub members through the website. However, the best deal available right now is the AT&T Deals for Existing Customers. The active coupons give the best prices plus some of the promotions gives little perks. On one deal, members can get a $50 Fandango gift card just for signing up. On another offer, they can get their activation fee completely waived by ordering through MyDealsClub online.

Some promotions are only for a limited time, so Jake recommends acting fast. “A lot of the partnering promotions we get with big companies are limited in a few scopes. Some have a limited quantity and some have a limited time. It’s best to sign up with our notifications system so you get alerted to deals right away and don’t miss out.” They are posted both on the website and the AT&T Internet Deals facebook page.

Jake also encourages users that are hesitant to switch to AT&T internet to watch this AT&T Internet Review on youtube. The service is thoroughly reviewed while also giving a brief history of AT&T’s internet services. Additionally, the video will also review the giga-speed service, available in select areas.

Harold K., a long-time AT&T internet service subscriber and new MyDealsClub member was glad to share a review about AT&T’s internet service as well. “I have had AT&T internet for a long time. Probably for as long as they’ve been providing internet! They have always been helpful with making sure I have the latest equipment and speeds, but pricing was always an issue. I was happy to sign up with MyDealsClub to get a better price on my internet, even though I had been a customer with AT&T for over a decade. I feel like both MyDealsClub and AT&T took very good care of me.”

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