Artists Choose EX-20 Electric Pencil Sharpener to Sharpen Expensive Pencils

November 08, 2018
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Every day people are making the switch to electric pencil sharpeners, office workers, teachers, students and now artists. As an artist supplies can be very expensive, especially higher end ones. Colored pencils, chalk pencils and regular pencils are a few of the items that require constant sharpening with precision tips.

For the longest time hand powered pencil sharpeners were used but unfortunately they often jam, and over sharpen which results in broken and damaged pencils, they have also been known to sharpen unevenly making it difficult to draw precisely, and they require manual use that leads to sore hands and figures especially when sharpening multiple items a day.

Electric pencil sharpeners have many benefits, they ensure a balanced and sharp pencil whenever needed, they save time and money. It is important to purchase an electric pencil sharpener that is of high quality and performance, otherwise, it could have the same negative effects that come from manual ones.

EcoElectronix is a popular seller on that provides pencil sharpeners that perform well for both regular pencils and artist ones, they also include a lifetime warranty free with every purchase because they trust in their product, as stated by a company employee. “We are a small family business and we know that our products are high-quality and long-lasting, this is why we offer a free lifetime warranty with every purchase.”

With the EX-20 the user can adjust the sharpness which helps get the pencil to the exact precision needed. It also features multiple power options such as AA batteries, AC power adapter and USB port for quick and easy artistic sharpening options. The sharpener includes a safety function that prevents the sharpener from being used if any part of the assembly is missing, meaning no hurt fingers allowing it to be used by children of all ages.

To make things even more efficient, the EX-20 includes a built-in LED light that indicates when the pencil is completely sharpened, and the motor automatically shuts off when the perfect sharpness is reached this means no over-sharpening, undersharpening or broken pencils. customer and artist Doug couldn’t find an electric pencil sharpener that worked on his chalk pencils until he came across the EX-20. “I'm an artist and use chalk pencils a lot and have not found an electric sharpener that will give me a fine point on the pencil. Usually, they break the chalk or sometimes even break it down the barrel of the pencil. This sharpener sharpens to a point and does so time after time---it's the best I've ever found!!!”

If readers would like to purchase the EX-20, it is available for only $24.73 on where Prime members are eligible for free two-day shipping.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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