EcoElectronix Comments on Review From Customer Who Thoroughly Thought Through Purchase of EX-20 Electric Pencil Sharpener

November 06, 2018
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With being the largest online retailer to exist, it is home to many different products and sellers. It is not uncommon for people to browse Amazon for products and services to help make their life easier or more efficient. For those who go to school, work in offices, have kids or spend a lot of time writing and drawing, a popular product purchased is an electric pencil sharpener.

There are many electric pencil sharpeners available on but very few that offer a warranty, and without a warranty, if the product is defective or a part were to break, most sellers will not replace it, rendering it a waste. EcoElectronix is a seller on Amazon who believes in providing efficient products with a lifetime warranty.

When making a new purchase, many people carefully examine a product and weigh the pros and cons before buying it. customer Patrick thoroughly thought through his purchase of the EX-20 pencil sharpener before he bought it, including how the product would fit into his home. Patrick shared his thought process, reasons for purchasing, and the features of the pencil sharpener in his review.

“My wife is a former teacher. This year she was getting our kid's classroom supplies ready before the first day of school. Being a slow learner but still a good husband, I decided to purchase a new electric pencil sharpener as there we 5-6 boxes of #2 pencils to sharpen and each pack contains 24 pencils. As a family, we are trying to make purchases that leave as little of a footprint in our house. When I make a purchase like this one, I like to imagine how it will fit next to any other accessories or if it can be easily put somewhere out of sight. It also has to work though. When sharpening pencils you don't want the sharpener jamming up on you. So as I was looking, I found the Ex-20 and decided to give it a try.”

Patrick went on to add details on the delivery and packing of the pencil sharpener, “As a prime member I received free 2-day shipping and my item arrived on time as expected. The packaging is very nice and sturdy. There was a cardboard guide/protector to help keep things from moving around in the box plus offer some protection, I imagine. Instructions were clear and there is also a warranty card included which is nice. It is a really nice size and shapes that I feel can fit perfectly in the drawer of my desk. With it being a vertical sharpener, it's easy to see in the clear compartment when the shavings are at maximum capacity. There's not guesswork.”

Lastly, Patrick stated how the product functions, “How does it work?!? Excellent. There is a horizontal dial on the side to adjust the sharpening power. The LED light indicator is useful as well as accurate. Needless to say, this made sharpening all those pencils easy and somewhat of a family fun activity as our kids participated as well. One added bonus is the USB - AC adapter. This is a nice touch.”

In regards to the review, EcoElectronix commented that “we understand when customers purchase our products with their hard earned money that they are trusting us to provide them with high-quality items, this is why we believe in a lifetime warranty. When you purchase something from EcoElectronix, we guarantee your money will not be wasted.”

To purchase the EX-20 electric pencil sharpener, readers can visit where it is available for $24.73.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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