Best Infrared Sauna Revealed in Healing Heat Therapy Ranking Chart

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As the infrared sauna market has increased by nearly 50% during the last several years, new start ups have surfaced and consumers are confused as to which brand is best and provides a quality product. As all brands appear to lay claim to being the top rated infrared sauna brand, help is needed to navigate the increasing amount of information. Healing Heat Therapy, a recognized expert in the industry since its formation in 2012, has just released its updated ratings of new and existing sauna companies.

“Each year we update our rating chart based on interviews and many hours of research from the prior year,” remarked Cody Martin, owner of Healing Heat Therapy. “The infrared sauna companies are ranked according to not only the company performance but each product line’s specific features. We rank the best infrared saunas according to what we consider to be the most important criteria including low EMF readings, heater emissivity, use of clean components and warranty. Most consumers are not aware that virtually all of the saunas sold in the US are produced on 4 factory lines in China. That is the reason that many brands look nearly identical. Because they basically are identical.”

A recent market analysis paper published by the Global Wellness Institute reports the spa and sauna industry has expanded by 10% per year during recent years. Another annual global report predicts at least a 7.2% annual growth rate from 2018 through 2022.

As this industry is experiencing rapid expansion, many new companies are emerging and many of them without experienced leadership. The result has been an increase in the confusion for consumers amidst the conflicting information being released. As this is an industry with low barriers to entry, almost anyone can begin a startup. By simply forming an LLC and making contact with one of the manufactures in China, virtually anyone can begin selling under a new brand name in much less than a year. And this appears to be exactly what has happened in recent years.

Longevity in the market is not a common occurrence as nearly half of the new start ups fail and close their doors within the first 5 years. This leaves the purchasers of their products without any effective warranty and little recourse for locating replacement parts or repairs.

Amid this a lack of oversight, the confusion regarding what is a quality product has grown. Healing Heat Therapy has as its mission to clarify the decision process and shed light on not only those companies which possess a quality mindset, but also on those that would expose potential buyers to regret regarding what they have purchased. The company has the benefit of a real inside look behind the curtain of the sauna market.

As Cody further explained their process, “We are fortunate enough to have nearly constant communication with the owners or representatives of the brands we research. For a few of the best infrared sauna brands, we talk monthly with the owners. This provides us with a rarely seen inside look into the upcoming product offerings and modifications. Many of the salespeople know us by voice and name. With this type of access, it is often easy to identify those that truly understand the market and those that are merely selling as a job which happens to be at a sauna company. For me personally, it is a lot of fun. For this most recent update, the top brands remained the basically same while one brand that entered our list two years ago has gained ground in the rankings.”

As the purchase decision process has become increasingly murky, questions regarding the decision process have been on the increase to Healing Heat Therapy in recent months. Many newer brands provide little before and after purchase help or information and that is precisely the gap that Healing Heat Therapy attempts to fill. But as the company also sees its role of being a teacher, it has expanded its online presence to include data hubs such as Pearltrees to allow more visibility online.

Cody also shared: “With all of the information we provide, we don’t want to be seen only as a data resource. We also attempt to carefully explain our decision process. Our goal is to teach consumers how to perform their own selection process. This not only reinforces their confidence in their eventual purchase, but assures they choose the right product for their family. This has really become important during the past 18 months. Clearlight, a top rated brand partnered with Jacuzzi in May of 2017 and during the agreement, consolidated its product lines. This removed a lower end line and added basswood options to their Premier line. We have tested publishing many of our detailed explanations also on our tumbler platform. From that platform, many have provided feedback that they have been able to clearly understand what happened and make a choice about that brand for themselves. Seeing consumers learn from our reports and resources is extremely rewarding for us.”

Healing Heat Therapy was formed in 2012 after one of the owner’s family members experienced tangible health improvement from the use of an infrared sauna. After suffering for two years with a debilitating injury, they began diligent research for several months that led them to their sauna purchase. They share that the relief and excitement of seeing the physical progress for the first time in 2 years prompted them to begin sharing the information via website and reports. The company can be contacted by the contact information provided.


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