Forest Park Tree Pros Expands Tree Service In Forest Park GA

November 09, 2018
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Tree service provider Forest Park Tree Pros has announced that they have expanded their services in Forest Park, Georgia. The company now wants homeowners and business owners in Forest Park and surrounding areas to know that they can provide arborist tree services that include tree removal, stump grinding, tree trimming and pruning, lot clearing, debris removal, emergency tree service, and storm clean up. More information about their services can be obtained from their website at

A Forest Park Tree Pros spokesperson says, "It is common knowledge that trees are very good for the planet. They absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, releasing oxygen instead, and thus cleaning the air. They also provide protective shades that attenuate the heat during the summer. Trees can also prevent floods by controlling soil erosion. Nonetheless, there are some situations that call for professional services to have the trees around your Forest Park home removed."

One such situation is when trees in one's property become weak and rotten and then die. These trees are now hazardous to people and property because when they collapse and fall down, they could cause damage to property or injury to people. Also, huge bulging roots can damage concrete and are also hazardous to people. For these, it is advisable to look for professional arborists in Forest Park to remove those potentially harmful roots, branches or whole trees.

Naturally, some people who like to engage in do-it-yourself (DIY) projects may want to remove the trees themselves. However, the Forest Park Tree Pros spokesperson warns that such would be a dangerous undertaking. He says, "Tree cutting is considered as one of the most hazardous employments, with thousands of accidents and also some deaths occurring every year when people with no qualifications attempt to remove trees on their property."

A qualified and experienced arborist would be needed for the project because they are knowledgeable about the various kinds of trees and the best ways to deal with them. Professional arborists are also well-trained in safe methods for cutting down trees. For those who don't have the appropriate knowledge about trees, attempting to cut them could result in a tree falling in the wrong direction and causing damage to property and injury to people. Those who want more information about Forest Park Tree Pros can visit

The Forest Park Tree Pros spokesperson advises people to check on a number of things to see whether they would require the help of a tree removal service. First of all, they need to check on the health condition of the tree. If half of the tree is already damaged or rotting, it may be time to remove it. However, if the damage was caused by herbicides, there is a good chance that the tree may be able to recover.

Also, it would be a good idea to check the tree trunk's health condition. If less than 25 percent of the circumference of the trunk has been damaged, the tree may be able to recover over time. According to the spokesperson, tree removal may be required only if at least a third of the circumference of the trunk has been damaged.

The spokesperson also pointed out that it is important to know the history of each particular tree. This is because improper pruning may result into problems later on. It is also advisable to note any changes in the soil level over the roots as three inches or more of soil over the roots can cause a tree to die.

Experienced arborists also advise homeowners to check the base of a tree for sprouts. This is because sprouts from the base of a tree are an indication that the tree is being subjected to severe stress. In there are indeed some sprouts, homeowners are advised to consult qualified arborists to evaluate the condition of the tree and advise them on the proper action to take.

The Forest Park Tree Pros spokesperson also wants people to know that arborists can also serve as advisers for both homeowners and business owners who want to plant a certain type of tree on their property. These professionals can tell them where it would be best to plant the tree, the type of root growth that could be expected, and how to have the root system properly aerated. They can also offer advice on what types of trees are suitable for a certain location.

Those who need more information about tree services for Forest Park and surrounding areas can visit the company website or their Google Maps page at

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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