Foundation Repair Company In Plano Texas Offers Lifetime Transferable Warranty

November 06, 2018
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Texas Foundation Pros, a company based in Plano, has announced that they are offering GL Hunt's lifetime transferable warranty. This is one of the results of their partnership with GL Hunt, a family owned company with 40 years of experience in the foundation industry. Previously, the company had announced that they had established a blog to help customers understand the idea of repairing foundations and what they should check to ensure that their home's foundation is not damaged.

Robert Hinson, spokesperson for Texas Foundation Pros, says, "We are pleased to announce that for any job that we undertake we will be providing a lifetime transferable warranty. What this means is that you will have peace of mind that your family's biggest investment is protected."

The fact that their foundation repair services are of high quality is attested by the many positive reviews that they have received. One satisfied customer gave them five stars and said, "GL Hunt, Inc.'s crew worked hard and steady. They were very polite, and cleaned the work site very well when the job was done.They caulked the doors and windows, and mortared the bricks when the leveling was done. We were very satisfied with the work done on our home."

Another customer who also gave the company a five star rating said, "We think they did a quality job. We're very satisfied with the company's work. It only took three days, and they cleaned up after the job was finished. They were very thorough."

Robert Hinson explains that the hot climate and soil in the North Texas area are the primary contributors to foundation issues for homes. The problem is that at night, the temperature is very cold while during the day, it is extremely hot, causing the soil to expand during the day and contract during night time. This movement of the soil can result in the instability of the foundation that over time could result in cracks and other kinds of damage. For foundation inspection Plano homeowners may want to contact Texas Foundation Pros through their website or by phone.

Furthermore, if there is no drainage system for the foundation, flooding can cause damage to the crawl spaces. The residual moisture can also cause damage to the slab foundations. In the same manner, plumbing leaks can also result in damage to the foundation. And for those who have a yard with trees or who have trees nearby, the tree roots may also cause damage to the slab foundations. Also, if the soil compaction before the construction of the foundation had been inadequate, the soil will gradually be compressed over time, causing the foundation to sink and this can also result into foundation problems.

Robert points out that there are warning signs that could indicate that there is foundation damage. In the interior of the home, these signs include stuck windows and doors when previously they weren't like that, cracked walls, wall separation and ceiling cracks, unexplained cracks in floor tiles, a leaning fireplace, and cabinet separation. In the exterior of the home, signs include a cracked chimney, brick cracking and separation, cracked slabs, cracked exterior concrete, and window frame separation.

Robert says, "If you notice any of these visible indicators, it's imperative that you consult a professional repair company immediately. This type of damage will not go away by itself, and will only get worse with time. The sooner you get the problem fixed, the less damaged your home will become."

Robert points out that there are four methods for repairing a slab foundation. These are foam jacking, mud jacking, concrete piling, and steel piling. Texas Foundation Pros recommends the use of slab or steel piers for houses in Plano because of the prevalence of clay soil in this particular area.

Meanwhile, for homes with pier and beam foundations, there are two alternative solutions and the appropriate choice will depend on whether the house has a perimeter concrete grade beam or not. For a house with a concrete grade beam, pressed pilings can be utilized in helping to lift it up.

Robert explains that the floors of houses with a pier and beam foundation sit on beams, which in turn are supported by piers. These piers are commonly made from concrete and by lifting the beam off of its support, the interior floor level can be adjusted by either adding or removing steel shims. But for those that have wood in the pier and beam foundation crawl spaces, the wood can get cracked and be damaged by moisture and insects. A foundation repair project can be a good time for installing a better ventilation so as to reduce the build up of moisture and decrease wood rotting and the growth of mold and fungus.

For foundation inspection or repair, homeowners may want to contact the company at their website at

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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