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Top Palms Springs Personal Injury Attorney Website Expands Video Collection

November 07, 2018
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The Law Offices of Kevin Cortright, a law firm based in Murrieta, California, is pleased to announce the expansion of the Video Center section of their recently updated website. Mr. Cortright says that the videos are made give people background on the firm, share their successes with clients, and most importantly educate visitors on the various practices the firm specializes.

The Palms Springs Personal Injury Attorney says, "We launched the new website to be cleaner and more informational to our potential clients. During a case, I've made it a personal point to make sure that you know everything that's going on, and I am happy to explain what various terms mean. With these videos we hope to educate our clients so they can make the best decision."

Bankruptcy is one of the firm's strongest practices, and the videos highlight the different types of bankruptcy that people can file when they feel their debt burden is too much. In a video about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Cortright explains that people who feel that they are living paycheck to paycheck or paying off credit card bills only to charge the cards back to the maximum should consider filing for this kind of bankruptcy.

Cortright says that filing for Chapter 7 will immediately make creditors call and bother the filer. "It's immediate when you file," he says. "You don't have to worry about getting persistent calls." He also notes that while debt will be discharged, it applies to certain kinds of debt, mostly unsecured debt. "Credit cards, repossession on a car, judgements, lawsuits, and old taxes could possibly be discharged during this kind of filing," Cortright adds. "And it makes sense that a lot of people are scare that their property will be taken away, but that's not typically the case. If you have money in a retirement account like a 401k, it's exempt by the bankruptcy court."

For people who have higher incomes, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may be a better option. "Some people may not qualify for Chapter 7 and have to have a bankruptcy court restructure their debt," Cortright says. "With this kind of filing, your debt is consolidated so that you have a single monthly payment to the bankruptcy trustee. It really works for people who were out of work and behind on house or car payments and are getting back on track but need some help. They may have been able to get back to work and make monthly payments, but with the restructuring they can get caught up without having to feel like they're being foreclosed on. Just like a Chapter 7, debtors will automatically stop calling you, so you can have a little less stress when trying to deal with everything."

Another video in the collection talks about the firm's major focus on accident and personal injury claims. "Personal injury claims are usually events like car accidents, a pedestrian accident, even dog bites," Cortright states. "We also do a lot of workman's compensation cases, where people get hurt on the job no matter whose fault it was. We also do a lot of 'cumulative trauma' cases where a worker has injuries as a result of long-term movements or conditions at work. In fact, we estimate that about 75% of our cases are workman's comp."

Cortright says the number one reason that people don't get a lawyer is that they might be scared to come in and discuss an injury they may have had at work and they don't want to get fired because they got a lawyer. "I always recommend people come in and talk with me," Cortright says. "I will personally sit down and discuss the specifics of your injury, and together we can come up with solutions to get you compensated. I strongly believe in not pressuring people to retain an attorney and helping people out as much as I can."

The Top Palms Springs Personal Injury Attorney has also posted testimonials from clients who have had success with the firm as well. In her testimonial video, Kathleen says, "When I got in my car accident, my insurance company said it was my fault and clearly it wasn't. All my medical bills were piling up and I felt helpless. So I called attorney Kevin Cortright. He fought hard for me and won."

Those who are looking to file for bankruptcy protection or have been injured in an accident are invited to visit the firm's website or to give them a call for a free consultation. "As soon as you're injured, give us a call," Cortright says. "You should get the compensation you deserve."

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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