Naturopath Toronto Doctor Warns Against Weight Loss Practices You Should Avoid

November 05, 2018
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Dr. Amauri Wellness Centre in Toronto, Ontario, has announced the publication of a new blog post. The post, written by Dr. Amauri Caversan is titled "Warning: 3 Weight Loss Regimens That Are Doing More Harm Than Good." These are skipping breakfast, changing weight loss plans quickly, and weighing oneself every day.

Dr. Caversan says that the blog post is about weight loss practices that are doing more harm than good for the individual and how those who are looking to lose weight can avoid these practices. He says, "The post covers some good information such as how you should avoid changing weight loss plans quickly and how skipping breakfast can be detrimental to your weight loss progress."

Dr. Caversan says another thing that dieters should avoid is weighing themselves too frequently. He says that many who are trying to lose weight weigh themselves every day, which should be avoided. Dr. Caversan offers a naturopathic weight loss program in his clinic that he says can be very beneficial to those who have had difficulties with losing weight in the past.

The post covers a number of things that can affect weight loss, including worrying over losing weight. Stress can cause one to gain weight or it can cause a stall in the weight loss process. Dr. Caversan says that thinking constantly about losing weight can cause the dieter to become overwhelmed with thoughts of weight loss and could eventually lead to the diet not working at all.

"You don't want to consider yourself to be on a diet," says Dr. Caversan. "Healthy living is a better choice. When you diet, you tend to deprive yourself of certain things and that is never a good idea. Another myth that needs to be put to rest is that you only lose weight by dieting. You can lose weight by simply making a few changes in your lifestyle."

Dr. Caversan says that those who are interested in learning more about how a naturopathic doctor can help you find alternative ways of losing weight, as opposed to dieting, can visit his website's naturopath Toronto doctor resources. Obesity is a condition that many face today and obesity can be caused by a number of factors. Contributing factors could vary in men and women and can include heredity, stress, and a number of other underlying conditions. Dr. Caversan says that losing weight is not easy but it could be easier than it is made to be by some. He says that fad diets, starvation and other means of losing weight are simply not healthy. While the patient may lose weight initially, that weight very rarely stays off unless the weight loss is done properly. Dr. Caversan recently issued an article that provided advice on the uses of apple cider vinegar where one of the benefits is that it also prevents weight gain. You can read more about it in this press release.

The doctor states that hydration therapy, IV Vitamin C therapy and weight loss therapy are only a few of the services that his clinic offers. He says that his newest blog post is designed to put to rest some of the more harmful myths about dieting and weight loss and he states that he hopes people will read those things to avoid before they begin trying to lose weight so that they do not harm themselves doing something that they should avoid. He also states that he welcomes any questions about naturopathic weight loss and is ready to schedule a consultation for those who feel that this may be the best option for their weight loss goals.

Naturopathic weight loss is a means of changing one's metabolism through natural foods, as opposed to taking medications or supplements. Dr. Caversan says that he has seen this type of weight loss to be very successful and urges those who are looking to lose weight to learn more about this healthier alternative to dieting. Those who are considering losing weight, particularly those who have 50 pounds or more that they would like to lose, can contact Dr. Amauri Wellness Centre to learn more about how naturopathic weight loss can benefit them. The clinic states that patients are welcome to call and schedule an initial consultation or they can visit the clinic on their official website to learn more about this type of weight loss and its benefits. Dr. Caversan reiterates that this is a safer alternative to many weight loss plans and programs and says that anyone who is considering a new weight loss regimen should take the time to read through the various diet myths that they should avoid in order to give themselves a better chance at reaching their goals.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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