Announcing Gift Of Scent's New Product Line of Fragrance Diffusers

December 04, 2018
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The Gift of Scent is pleased to announce a completely new product line of over 60 custom designed and developed aroma oil diffusers.

The company describes why aroma oil diffusers are a great gift on their website as, “Grass, freshly mowed and a hillside covered in heather overlooking the sea. Woods, deep and cool and a mountain trail savage with lilies and juniper. Scent has the ability to transport us. It is the world and more, captured for you, in tarts, wafers and scented oils. The essence of all longed-for things. Let them say – it smells like home. Give them the scents to remember you by. All the best in aromatic diffusers, essential oils, fragrance oils. Ultrasonic diffusers, a wide variety of electric and passive aroma devices. (All their products are) designed to feed that most powerful of senses. Give them The Gift of Scent.”

Fragrance oil diffusers have been increasing in popularity over recent years, this mainly due to the health benefits that therapists and doctors have been publicizing. “Aromatherapy and essential oils are often used to reduce stress and anxiety, and to bring about relaxation,” says Farrah Idris, lead massage therapist at St Joseph’s Hospice. He’s not the only one making big claims about aromatherapy, according to Idris, aromatherapy has many other uses. “Essential oils can enhance healing processes and can also be used for symptom control if someone has an underlying health condition. If they’re recovering from an injury or from surgery, aromatherapy can both minimize pain and boost immunity,” she explains.

Jeffrey Smith, a spokesperson for The Gift of Scent says, “Aroma oil diffusers may only just be starting to get the attention of people, but we saw the potential early on. They have many benefits, too many to list in fact. A benefit that surprised me when I was first made aware of it, is that they’re antibacterial and antiviral. They are however, without the chemical nasties that you get in modern-day products. Eucalyptus and tea tree are natural purifiers.”

Massage therapist Farrah Idris says, “Both people who are familiar with oils and people who are only just starting to use them, will find that the new generation of electric vapor diffusers are really versatile and safe. They cleanse and purify the air, and because you inhale them at a regulated pace, you're less likely to become over sensitized to the oils.”

John, a loyal customer of The Gift of Scent says, “At first glance I thought The Gift of Scent was just a standard ecommerce website, my expectations were low. However, I was pleasantly surprised, my order came promptly, well packaged and was of high quality. The price of the fragrance diffuser I bought was well below the market average, so of course I was expecting something quite low quality. Could I be more wrong, no I could not. The fragrance oil diffusers they sell are of an unbelievably high quality. The fragrance diffuser I received is the best one I’ve found in the market to date. I’ll definitely be purchasing again, and I can’t recommend the company more.”

Robin Lander, Clinical Herbalist and Aromatherapist, suggests different fragrances for different occasions, she says, “If restful sleep is the goal, try diffusing relaxing lavender, Roman chamomile, spikenard, neroli, mandarin or sweet marjoram in the bedroom for 15 minutes before bedtime. Some diffusers are equipped with automatic settings that can turn off the diffuser after 20 minutes or can deliver short bursts of diffusion at intervals throughout the night. During times of colds and flu, try diffusing thyme, eucalyptus, rosemary, manuka or ravintsara. Cinnamon and clove are excellent for prevention and smell lovely with a bit of orange added. Lemongrass, tea tree, eucalyptus, oregano and juniper are specific for air purification, and can also help to clear the air of the smell of mildew. Mental clarity is supported by peppermint, basil, lemon or rosemary.

“These are great choices to diffuse while studying or working on a project. For uplifting mood enhancement, clary sage paired with any citrus can work wonders. For stress relief, add geranium and lavender. To promote some romance, try jasmine, ylang ylang, rose, sandalwood or patchouli. Don’t worry -- nervousness can be soothed with neroli, frankincense, petitgrain, chamomile or melissa. A special holiday ambiance can be created by diffusing pine, spruce or fir with a bit of spice like nutmeg and cinnamon. Peppermint and spearmint create a refreshing aroma, while frankincense and orange promote relaxing contemplation. No matter what the desired effect may be, and with minimal effort, essential oil diffusion has endless possibilities for supporting health and wellbeing.”

The Gift of Scent fragrance oil diffusers can be found on their website at, along with a wide range of other products and an information filled blog.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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The Gift of Scent offers an innovative selection of fragrance products ranging from electric aroma diffusers for home, office or travel, candles, aromatherapy & essential oils, as well as fragrance products for bath, body and more.

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