Free Range Camping Posts New Shoo Away Review

October 26, 2018
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Free Range Camping, a community connecting campers to campsites, accommodations, and helpful camping tools and products and based in Eumundi, Queensland, Australia, has recently posted a review of a new fly repellent gadget called Shoo Away on their website. The team at Free Range Camping took the device out on the road with them to test it while they ate and drank outdoors when flies were prevalent. A video accompanies the review show off the new device.

According to Shoo Away, an Australian-owned and -operated business, the idea for the product came about in 2008, when the inventor, Smithy, was hosting a barbeque. He noticed that a swarm of flies had bothered him and his fellow party-goers by landing on the food he'd worked hard to prepare. After he got tired of himself and his friends waving their arms around, the idea for the Shoo Away was born. The final product has been selling in Australia and all over the world for over five years running.

The Shoo Away stands at about 10 inches tall so that its blades can spin safely over plates and platters of food. Rob Catania states that in their test run, the height of the product was perfect for sitting in between plates on a table. "We made sure to put out some cheese and salami, which flies especially love. It really did a great job of keeping flies from landing on our scrumptious food."

The rounded blades of the Shoo Away are made to be soft and flexible, and the battery-powered device lets the blades swing softly, simulating a waving wand. Catania says that the blades stopped spinning when people went to grab for the food without hurting them. "They softly stopped as soon as the blades hit our hands," he says. "It's definitely safe for children or pets. Our dog Banjo popped his head on the table underneath the blades and wasn't bothered at all. And it's so much easier than using a food net, where you have to keep removing and replacing it whenever you want a little bit to eat."

The ends of the blades feature a number of reflective holographmatic discs called "repel dots", a unique feature that helps keep flies away. The dots are made to refract light away from the blades which is meant to scare the insects away. According to Shoo Away, bending light is not found normally in nature and flies see it as a danger and fly away from it and away from the food.

Part of the Shoo Away Review reveals that inside the Shoo Away is a quiet motor that is powered by 2 AA batteries. "This little device can go anywhere," Catania says. "The batteries last a long time and it's easy to pop into your picnic basket or with your barbecue utensils. It's great for using outdoors and even indoors when you've got the windows open or you're hanging out in your caravan. One unit covered about 1 to 1 and a half meters, so you might want to pick up a 2 pack if you're going to be serving on a long table."

Catania says the best part about the Shoo Away is that it is an environmentally friendly product. "It doesn't use any harmful chemicals, so it's perfectly safe to use around food and little kids. You don't have to worry about spraying anything around the food, or lighting candles or using an electrical fly catcher around your kids."

Free Range Camping has grown to be a one-stop shop for campers in Australia. Along with their Free Range Camping Shop, the website boasts a directory of camping sites throughout the country and campsite proprietors can become a member and add their own listing. Campers can also find information on alternative ways of camping such as helping out farmers and ranchers in exchange for accommodation, house sitting opportunities, and people looking for help around the house. The website also features a blog highlighting travels stories and interesting places all throughout Australia. Visitors of the site can also buy and sell their equipment in their Classifieds section.

The Shoo Away comes in packs of singles, doubles, and 4-packs, and in either black or white. Those who would like to Buy Shoo Away, watch the video review, or peruse other products in the Free Range Camping Shop are encouraged to visit the community's website. "Come join us today," Catania adds. "We have a fantastic community that shows off the best of Australia."

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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