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Baseball Chalk Alternative Launched By Liquid Grip Canada

October 22, 2018
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The buzz around the ballfield lately is that Liquid Grip gives baseball players an unfair advantage over those who are using traditional baseball chalk. North Bay, Ontario based Liquid Grip Canada recently announced that they have a number of baseball players who are using their product as a highly effective alternative to traditional baseball chalk.

Jennifer Lambert, a representative with the company, says, "Our Liquid Grip baseball chalk has become quite the talk of the town. We have players who swear that this is the best thing that they have ever used and we could not agree more."

Lambert says that baseball players have to pay strict attention to the health of their arms and hands, particularly those who pitch or the team's heavy hitters. Improper form can cause stress to the arm and in extreme cases, injuries that could end the player's game forever. Liquid Grip baseball chalk is designed to offer a more effective grip than traditional chalk. The company says that it dries quickly and binds to fatty acids that are found naturally on the skin, so it creates a thin surface of grip.

"Whether you are a pitcher or you need a better grip on the bat when you're hitting, this is the stuff for you," says Lambert. "You have to have a secure grip on the bat. Do you know the penalty for throwing a bat? It's harsh and even if the throwing is an accident, because you didn't have a good grip, your team could suffer if that bat leaves your hands when you swing."

Lambert says that recently the company posted about how Liquid Grip earns positive reviews from bodybuilder and others. She says that the product can be used to help those who are working out and building muscle to avoid dropping their weights because of sweaty hands, just as it can help batters to hold on to their bats and pitchers to hold on to their baseball when pitching.

The company's Liquid Chalk is a combination of rosin, chalk and various other tacky ingredients. The rosin and chalk in the product are suspended in a water base and it contains a hydrocellulose thickener that applies cleanly over the hands to create a second skin that is made completely from a flexible gripping surface. Lambert says that it is literally like having gripping gloves built into your hands.

The product is completely all natural and contains biodegradable ingredients. Lambert says that it washes off easily with soap and water and can help to protect the skin from blisters, as well. Application of the product lasts for an hour and a half without leaving any residue on equipment or losing its gripping capability. The company says that it will never crumble, flake or rub off. Lambert says that it is ideal for pitchers whose hands may become sweaty when pitching. The chalk can help pitchers to retain the ball and to not throw before they are ready, just as it helps batters to keep the bats in their hands until after they have hit the ball.

Lambert says that Liquid Grip is an excellent substitute for chalk and that it can be used by any number of athletes. The company regularly sells to bodybuilders and weightlifters, but Lambert says that baseball players, rock climbers, golfers, football players, gymnasts and other athletic types can also benefit from the product. She says that it is great for competitive sports to help improve performance when practicing as well as when competing.

Many teams in the official baseball league have begun using Liquid Chalk for pitching and batting, which leaves other teams wondering if these teams have an unfair advantage. The grip provided by Liquid Chalk is certainly something to consider and Lambert says that it is actually not unfair that some teams are using the Liquid Chalk while others are not. She states that those who are not currently using it can simply begin introducing the product to their players, so that all teams have the same advantage when on the field.

Those who are interested can learn more about the product on the company's official website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Liquid Grip Canada:

Liquid Grip was introduced in the Spring of 2010 at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio. We wanted to offer the revolutionary product to a wide spectrum of athletes for a competitive edge and we did!

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