Hard Drive Recovery Group Launches New Google MyBusiness Website

October 09, 2018
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In efforts to connect better with local customers in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego counties, Hard Drive Recovery Group has launched a new website with help of Google's MyBusiness application suite.

Located at https://harddriverecoverygroup.business.site/, the site provides an additional contact point for data recovery service clients shopping for the best clean room data recovery services available.

Along with a comprehensive look at Hard Drive Recovery Group's range of data recovery services such as RAID recovery, SSD and Hybrid drive data recovery, portable device and hard drive recovery, the site offers a shortcut to regular posts the company publishes at Google.com.

As a data recovery service provider with over 20 years in business, Hard Drive Recovery Group uses these posts to provide tips, publicize special offers and help familiarize customers with the data recovery process - a real mystery for most device users.

Smartphone Power

As recently as five years ago, typical hard drive data recovery customers would have to connect using a second computer to find out about their data recovery options, which left customers with only one system in the dark about their options.

With the near universal adoption of Smartphones, however, this is no longer the case. Instead, a customer can now do a simple search for a term like: data recovery near me, and quickly pull up a variety of local services using their browser. From there, the customer can quickly get in touch with the provider they deem the best for their needs.

Affordability And Portable Device Focus

While Hard Drive Recovery Group has always focused on offering the best affordable data recovery services available, it has now adopted a new service focused on mobile devices such as Smartphones.

Smartphones and tablets, partially because of their portable nature, are failing more often than ever. The difference today is that for many people, consumers and businesspeople alike, the smartphone is now a core communication and data tool. This importance has meant that many people store highly valuable photos and business data on their phones, which can often disappear in the event of a catastrophic data crash.

Most Smartphones save data onto SSD or Flash style drives, and although these drives lack the moving parts that are the backbone of classic hard disk drives, they are still prone to failure, either through damage, corruption or simply overuse. The micro SD cards that these phones use can also provide a point of failure, as they are often highly sensitive to file corruption. What's more, Smartphones can be dropped on cement, fall in toilets and fly out of pockets - each a clear and present danger to the data they contain. HDRG recovers data from these devices daily, and handles all makes and models, including LG, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone and HTC, among others.

Clean Room Data And RAID Recovery Services

Along with new portable device and Smartphone data recovery services, Hard Drive Recovery Group continues to focus on business clients and their much more broad hard drive recovery needs.

Business customers tend to require enterprise level services such as RAID array recovery, as well as recovery of major data platforms such as Microsoft Exchange and Oracle. RAID servers are by nature extremely difficult for laymen to recover data from, particularly when more than one hard drive in the array has failed. While RAID 5 and up arrays tend to run in a degraded mode when they have experienced a single hard drive failure, a second hard drive crash will bring the array to a crashing halt.

When these RAID arrays do crash, simple manufacturer "array rebuild"-tools can not only malfunction, but actually delete the data contained on the array. RAID 0 and 1 arrays, meanwhile, are often rendered useless by a single hard drive failure, which also requires professional data recovery in order to restore.

This is all underscored by the fact that most RAID arrays contain highly sensitive and critical data for organizations, such as Exchange mailboxes and customer and CRM data. When these arrays fail, a RAID recovery provider like Hard Drive Recovery Group can be a real lifesaver.

Checking out Hard Drive Recovery Group's main website at can save any data loss victim a lot of money and time, as well as inform them of any interesting technology changes they should be aware of when it comes to data storage.

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