Preschools In Columbus Ohio Receive Glowing Testimonials

October 16, 2018
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Villa Montessori Preschool in Columbus, Ohio, has announced that they have recently received a glowing testimonial from a very satisfied parent. The preschool states that on October 4, 2018, they have posted on YouTube a video showcasing the glowing testimonial from this particular parent.

A representative for the preschool says that the review was from a parent who was extremely happy with the preschool's services in Columbus, Ohio and who wanted to share her experience to other parents. The video can be viewed at

Meridith Lett, the parent from Villa Montessori Preschool says, "Absolutely love this place. Everyone at Villa plays a crucial role in my child's development. He is excited for school and loves his teachers. His skills have advanced tremendously. He speaks Spanish even. We love it here and are super excited for what the future holds here."

Villa Montessori Preschool, whose location can be determined by visiting, offers reliable daycare services that help to teach children and prepare them for elementary school. The preschool says that their daily schedule includes Montessori and Reggio curricula. Children in the preschool are exposed to gardening, animals, music, art, outdoor play and other programs to help foster their creativity and their education. The preschool says that many parents approve of their curricula and have told them how much they appreciate what their children are learning. The school says that their latest video on the testimonial is just one of several, indicating that there is a long line of satisfied parents who have contacted them to thank them for the effort that they are bringing to their children's education.

Villa Montessori Preschool states that they are inviting parents to visit them on their official Facebook page at where there are a number of other reviews available from parents of past and current students. The preschool states that they partner with parents. They claim that they are not just a daycare center but an educational center, helping to prepare children for their future education. They provide high levels of care and education that are tailored to each child.

Villa Montessori Preschool applies the Montessori Method. The Montessori Method was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. Dr. Montessori began her work with child psychiatric patients in Rome and she helped to revolutionize early childhood education through her approach to pediatric learning. Montessori found that children naturally want to learn and to explore their environments, which has led to the type of education followed by the Montessori method. Children learning under this program are taught through nature, art and other aspects that are all hands on and project oriented.

The Montessori Method is founded on a principle of watching children to see what and how they want to learn. Education is provided on an individual basis and allows each child to learn on his or her own and experience the joys of self discovery. Teachers act as guides to aid the children in their learning but the children basically choose their education themselves. There are lessons with this method but the overall goal is to allow the children to discover their own answers by using materials that are self correcting. The preschool says that this method has worked very well for them and their students and parents seem to agree, according to the latest review of the school.

Studies done on the Montessori Method suggest that it is a very effective platform for teaching young children. Children using this educational program discover how to solve complex math problems, identify geometric shapes, speak properly, write properly and learn about a number of other topics. Studies have been done extensively on the Montessori Method and all of them conclusively show that children thrive in their education using this method of learning. The Montessori Method encourages exploration, which children love. Materials used are designed to work specifically with this method of learning. Not all preschools currently use the Montessori Method and the school states that they are pleased to be doing so. They have seen many children move on to elementary school and excel in their classes after being taught through this method.

Villa Montessori Preschool states that they are always happy to see positive reviews from the parents of their students. The school says that those who are interested in reading these reviews or in watching the video reviews can visit them on their official website or on their Facebook page to learn more. Those interested in learning more about the Montessori Method of learning can also read more on that topic on the preschool's official website or on the Montessori website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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