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Roof Replacement And Repair Company In McLean VA Earns New Five Star Review

October 17, 2018
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Roofer 911, a roofing repair and replacement business based in McLean, VA, is proud to announce that they recently received a new glowing five-star review from a customer that was very pleased with the company's service. The homeowner was extremely happy with the roof replacement service that he and his family received and wanted to share their experience.

In his review, homeowner Sean S. said, "I had a roof leak in a recent heavy rain storm. Steve was extremely personable and agreed to come out the next morning. He arrived promptly when he said he would, located the source of the leak and had the work completed by his crew later that day. Simply phenomenal customer service. Roofer 911 gets my highest recommendation."

To show appreciation for the customer's review, Roofer 911 created a video to showcase the testimonial. The video can be viewed at where it went live on October 4, 2018. The Roofer 911 team is known for its excellent customer service, superior workmanship and guaranteed satisfaction in all the services they provide. Services include roof replacement, emergency tarping, next day gutters, and even same day roof repair.

In his review, Sean S. remarks about the phenomenal customer service he received with Roofer 911. The company's commitment to provide unequaled, timely, and reliable service is reflected in the numerous reviews posted and shared on social media by many other customers. As recounted on its Google Maps page at, with more than 220 positive reviews posted by its customers, Roofer 911 maintains a rare 4.9-star rating. This rating demonstrates the company's total commitment to the complete satisfaction of each of their customers.

In addition to mentioning the high-quality service, customers commonly refer to the staff's professionalism and knowledge. With more than 40 years of experience in the business of roof repair and replacement, employees are also fully licensed and insured for the job. The team is ready to address any roofing problem with the right tools, technology, and experience to complete the job.

Roofer 911 not only guarantees the satisfaction of its customers, but also remains committed to keeping them informed and educated about all aspects of roof repair and replacement. The website provides details about each of the services the company offers to its customers. More than that, it also provides more specific information on various other important topics such as black mold, attic ventilation, and how ice dams form. Links to articles, blogs, and "How To" videos provide additional valuable information.

One topic addressed on the website is the importance of regular roof inspections as a preventative measure. According to the website, a roofing inspection has the potential to help prevent future damages and can increase the life span of a roof. To potentially minimize future repair costs, Roofer 911 recommends that homeowners plan two regular inspections each year before the weather has a chance to damage the roofing materials or cause decay. It is indicated that with natural wear and tear, a roof could be expected to last 10-15 years. According to Roofer 911, with regular inspections and roof repairs done as needed, a roof could last for up to 25 years. Also noted are other reasons to request a roof inspection, even when there does not appear to be any damage. For instance, a roof inspection is normally required for real estate transactions and bank loans or mortgages. Additionally, regular roof inspections could uncover hidden roof leaks that might not be immediately detectable by the homeowner.

The website has also listed some key factors people should be aware of that could indicate a roof problem. They include hearing rodents, smelling mold, higher energy bills, water in the basement after a storm, bubbles in the drywall, icicles across the roof, and puddles in the fireplace. Any of those signs could indicate that there is a need to call out the repair service.

Roofer 911 has a very active Facebook community at where they share important news and information, including updates on severe weather conditions that could impact customers. They also share tips, photos and videos related to roofing projects. People are encouraged to join in on conversations, ask questions, and share their experiences with Roofer 911 by posting a customer review. To date, the company continues to carry a 4.9-star rating.

For those interested in obtaining more information about Roofer 911, the services they offer, and what customers share about their experiences, can do so by visiting their website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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