Mosquito Pest Control Fairfax Service Receives Glowing Testimonial

October 17, 2018
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Backyard Bug Patrol, a pest control company in Great Falls, VA, has announced with pride that they have received a glowing testimonial for the mosquito pest control service they provided for a home in Fairfax, VA. The homeowner and her family were very satisfied with the outcome of the service that they wanted to share their experience to other homeowners. Meanwhile, the company had created a video featuring the testimonial and this can be viewed at

John Mitchell, owner of Backyard Bug Patrol, says, "We are honored and proud to receive such a glowing review from one of our customers. Indeed, we have made it our mission to always provide high quality service to our customers and the said testimonial from a homeowner in Fairfax is proof that we have been successful in our efforts. We would like to express our gratitude to Karen for taking the time to write the review. We surely appreciate it. Thank you."

Karen C., the homeowner, said, "This is our 3rd year using Backyard Bug Patrol - the technicians have always been courteous and professional. I have never had any issues with ticks with my kids or 2 dogs, not a mosquito in site. We cannot imagine a better service. Love that we can use the organic treatment with great results! Happy, happy customers." For those who want more information about pest control services for Fairfax, they can visit the web site at

One of the key services provided by Backyard Bug Patrol is mosquito control and eradication throughout Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, DC. John Mitchell explains that with this service, the backyard is made livable again as there are no more annoying mosquitoes that are buzzing and biting. He points out that residents will no longer need to slather their exposed skin with Deet laced mosquito repellant, especially with Deet already losing its effectiveness against mosquitoes. It also allows people to avoid diseases that could be carried by mosquitoes, such as Eastern Equine Encephalitis, West Nile Virus or heartworm in pets.

For mosquito control, a licensed applicator from Backyard Bug Patrol goes to a home and barrier sprays the yard. The backyard sprays do not just kill mosquitoes but they also get deep into the foliage and then act as a protective barrier that repels the entry of more mosquitoes. John explains that mosquitoes do not actually eat the blood that they suck but use it to develop their eggs. What they actually eat is the glucose found in plants. That is why they are usually found under leaves and other foliage. And that is where Backyard Bug Patrol sprays so that the mosquitoes are killed and new ones do not enter.

Another service provided by Backyard Bug Patrol is tick control. Ticks tend to hang out on the tips of bushes and shrubs, waiting for people and other mammals to pass by so that they can hitch a ride and have a meal at the same time. Just like with mosquito control, a licensed applicator barrier sprays the yard and the residue that is left in the foliage serves as a protective barrier that prevents the entry of more ticks. In addition, they make use of tick tunnels, which are biodegradable tubes filled with cotton balls that have been soaked with a tick killing solution. The tick tunnels are strategically placed in those spots around the yard frequented by mice and other rodents. When the rodents go through the tube, they bring the cotton balls to their den. The deer ticks, which cause Lyme disease, can be found on all animals including rodents. The treated cotton balls brought by the rodents into their den kill the ticks but do not harm the rodents.

Backyard Bug Patrol also offers control services for stink bugs, which do not only have that unpleasant smell but also destroy agricultural crops. For this, the company offers a 100 percent organic stink bug control solution. Meanwhile, the company also offers preventative indoor green pest control. This preventative treatment is for pests that are usually found in and around the home, such as ants, crickets, spiders, roaches, fleas, and silverfish. For this, a 100 percent organic solution is also used. The organic solution will also work on other pests. It is important to consult the technician from Backyard Bug Patrol when he comes to the home if the homeowner has problems with other kinds of pests.

Those who are interested in getting more information or who want to find the location of Backyard Bug Patrol can visit their Google Maps page at

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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