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Tree Service In Bethany Oklahoma Launched

October 09, 2018
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Bethany Tree Pros has announced the opening of their tree service available to home and property owners in the Bethany and Oklahoma City areas. Bethany Tree Pros has experienced and knowledgeable arborists specializing in tree trimming and tree removal. Now, residents of Bethany can receive fast, safe, and reliable tree services from a trusted local company.

According to Bethany Tree Pros, thousands of accidents and deaths occur each year from homeowners trying to trim, prune or remove trees from their yard. These accidents would have been completely avoidable by hiring an experienced tree service with specially trained arborists to take care of those types of jobs. Bethany Tree Pros is now available to help those in need of tree services to stay safe and maintain a beautiful property by providing them with the expertise and skills they need.

According to the owners of Bethany Tree Pros, "Bethany Tree Pros is proud to announce arborist tree services to the Bethany and Oklahoma City area property owners. Tree trimming and removal estimates are always free and dispatched quickly."

Whether it is trees growing in neighborhoods, along highways, or in backyards or public locations, pruning is the best way to keep trees contained and safely coexisting alongside public and private spaces. They would like to point out that a well kept tree can bring years of enjoyment, a pleasing aesthetic, and a healthy atmosphere to wherever it resides.

Bethany Tree Pros arborists use selective pruning to target the removal of damaged, diseased, dead, non-productive, or structurally unsound areas of trees. Crown and canopy thinning to increase light and reduce wind resistance, along with canopy lifting, or pruning the lower branches of the tree to allow safe access under the tree, are also reasons to hire an arborist to prune trees. Other reasons to prune trees include shaping (by controlling or redirecting growth) to improve or sustain the health of the tree.

Although pruning is essential for the health and growth of trees, many home and property owners don't realize that improperly pruned trees can actually cause more harm than good to the tree. Bethany Tree Pros arborists examine the tree thoroughly to assess why the tree needs pruning and which branches or twigs should be removed. With careful consideration, they will know how and when tree trimming is the best way to keep the tree beautiful and healthy.

Bethany Tree Pros arborists have experience with a wide range of tree species. Whether it's fruit trees, ornamental trees, or trees chosen for the landscape as barriers or hedges, they are skilled in thinning, topping, raising, or reduction to enhance the growth, fruit bearing, or flowering of the tree.

Tree cutting service in Bethany Oklahoma

The tree experts at Bethany Tree Pros are equipped to remove trees safely and efficiently from a property without damage to the home, building or automobiles. They can also advise home and property owners about dying, rotten or loose branches that have the potential to fall and cause damage to the surrounding area.

Trees sometimes fall unexpectedly due to high winds, storms, ice, vehicle accidents, and other unforeseen circumstances. These situations can create a dangerous environment that requires immediate tree removal. As trained tree removal professionals, Bethany Tree Pros arborists are always ready to assist and have the proper tree removal equipment necessary for this type of tree work.

Hiring experienced arborists can save time and money and can keep homeowners from unnecessary accidents. Bethany Tree Pros is committed to offering quality services and provides property owners with a free estimate on whatever tree service they need. For more information, homeowners can visit the company website at

With their extensive knowledge, Bethany Tree Pros arborists can act as advisers to homeowners who are considering which type of tree to plant and where to plant it on their property. As arborists in Bethany, Oklahoma, they can recommend the best type of tree for that location and which types of trees are suitable to be grown near a property, without the chance of damage occurring to the property from the tree. Once a tree is chosen, Bethany Tree Pros can help with the planting of the tree to ensure it has enough room for further growth of its trunk and branches and that soil levels are correct to allow for healthy root growth.

For quick and easy access to directions to Bethany Tree Pros, homeowners can visit the company's Google Maps page at Bethany Tree Pros arborists are available to answer questions, go to a home or property to assess the situation, or to talk about whatever needs a customer may have. The professional arborists are available Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

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Bethany Tree Pros provides free estimates for professional arborist services to the Oklahoma City, Nebraska area including tree trimming, tree removal, storm clean up, lot clearing, debris removal, and emergency tree services.

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