Tree Removal Service In Mustang Oklahoma Launched

October 09, 2018
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Mustang Tree Pros is excited to announce the launch of their tree removal service in Mustang, Oklahoma. The company has a team of qualified arborists servicing the Canadian County and the greater Oklahoma City area. With the expanded service, homeowners in Mustang are now able to receive the trusted services of qualified arborists for all their tree servicing needs.

Using a trained arborist is essential to ensure the health of existing trees as well as the safety of the home or property. The company points out that homeowners should be cautious when approaching the trimming and removal of trees and are advised to call in professionals who are able to keep the job safe for everyone. The company brings experience and reliability to a range of arborist services, including tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, and emergency tree services.

According to Bradley, marketing manager at Mustang Tree Pros, "We're super excited to provide Mustang and Oklahoma City area property owners with our arborist tree services. Call us anytime to schedule your free tree trimming or tree removal estimate."

Jobs that may appear simple, such as tree trimming, can prove dangerous. In fact, tree trimming is listed as one of the most dangerous activities someone can do. Thousands of accidents and many deaths occur each year as a result of unqualified people attempting to prune or cut trees on their property. In addition to the hours of safety instruction required to work at Mustang Tree Pros, the company's arborists are qualified to examine the tree and determine which limbs or branches are weak and/or rotten and could potentially fall and damage property. They are also skilled at determining if dead branches are an indication of trunk or root damage.

Mustang Tree Pros professionals are adept at determining the health of a tree and whether it is necessary to eliminate the tree or if the tree has many more years left to live. They can also determine the cause of tree damage, whether from herbicides or natural causes. They give each tree a thorough examination before advising the property owner on the best course of action to take. The tree professionals can determine the age and history of the tree, giving valuable insight to homeowners and a better understanding of the extent of any damage.

Mustang Tree Pros arborists are experts in trees from the top of its tallest branch to the bottom of its underground root system. They can improve the root growth of young trees by ensuring that the root system is properly aerated and can also tell if soil levels are too high, which will cause root damage, and advise the property owner on how to correct the problem.

Tree Removal Service Mustang OK

Severe damage to the main trunk oftentimes requires removal of a tree. Sometimes the damage can be misleading. Mustang Tree Pros can determine the percentage of injury to the trunk and whether it will heal gradually or warrant the tree's removal.

Dead or dying branches may not be the only indicator of the necessity to trim or remove a tree. Mustang Tree Pros arborists know that new growth may not be a sign of health or be good for a tree. New sprouts growing along the base of a tree can be a response to severe stress which indicates that there is something wrong with the tree. As experienced arborists, they can determine how much stress the tree may be under and what the future health of the tree will be.

In addition to tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding and emergency tree services, Mustang Tree Pros professionals also provide storm clean up, lot clearing, and brush removal. Interested property owners can see the Mustang Tree Pros in action by visiting

With their extensive knowledge, Mustang Tree Pros arborists can act as advisers to homeowners who are considering which type of tree to plant and where to locate it on their property. As arborists in Mustang, Oklahoma, they can recommend the best type of tree for that location and which types of trees are suitable to be grown near a property, without the chance of damage occurring to the property from the tree.

Hiring experienced arborists can save time and money and can keep homeowners from unnecessary accidents. Mustang Tree Pros is committed to offering quality services and can provide property owners with a free estimate on whatever tree service they need. For more information, people can visit

Mustang Tree Pros is located in Mustang, OK. For fast access and easy directions to the Mustang Tree Pros location, people can go to They are available Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

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