PracticeBloom Announces Use Of Most Advanced Plastic Surgery SEO Programs

October 11, 2018
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PracticeBloom, a digital marketing agency based in Clifton, NJ, has announced that they are using the most advanced SEO programs for assisting plastic surgeons in their marketing. Aside from core digital marketing and web design services, they also specialize in providing the appropriate SEO strategies and local SEO for cosmetic surgeons.

Matt Coffy from PracticeBloom says, "We were actually born as a search engine optimization agency, so you could say SEO is in our blood! SEO for plastic surgery has come a long way since the days where you could game google search results with blog posts, press releases, and some cheap/spammy backlinks. Nowadays, getting to the top of Google and other search results requires SEO campaigns, SEO practices, and SEO strategies that address and incorporate hundreds if not thousands of signals that Google and other search engines want to see. Our SEO team is led by one of the top SEOs in the world, and our results are proven."

Dr. Hardik Soni, owner of Ethos Spa, has seen proof that the SEO strategies used by PracticeBloom really work. He says, "The SEO team at PracticeBloom is incredible. I invested heavily in them and it has paid off ten fold. I'm now averaging at least a booking a day organically from my most lucrative service!"

According to Matt Coffy, the practice owner Dr. Soni had challenged the PracticeBloom medical website design team to create a microsite and start a search marketing SEO campaign that would bring the site to the top of the search results on Google for both local and state-wide searches and produce organic leads. After three months, the said website was found at the top of page one of the search results for all of the major keywords and produces one appointment each day. The plastic surgery SEO by PracticeBloom is set to duplicate those results for cosmetic surgeons. Those who want to visit the agency's location may want to find PracticeBloom in Google Maps.

Matt Coffy points out that the process starts with the right website design. He explains that both the back and front ends of the website have to be designed using rock-solid planning and research. This begins with a website evaluation of the practice's website to produce a baseline report, and then several competitive analysis reports are generated to find out what the top-ranking competitors have been doing and what the Google algorithm wants in terms of word count, structure and keywords. Using all of those findings, the website design team develops a website that is not only attractive to visitors but also to Google, thus generating leads that could be converted into new patients.

But Matt Coffy hastens to add that having the appropriate website architecture is vital. He explains that about 90 percent of the websites that they have optimized for the search engines did not have the right structure. A large part of modern SEO, according to Coffy, is complying with the algorithms of Google and the other search engines and how to structure the topical information that are found across the website. What this means is that everything, from the metadata to the site navigation to the links between the various website paged have to be researched and planned based on the competitive analysis reports.

Other important factors for the having the right website design are the speed that the page loads, the authority of the site, the user experience, and the content.

Obviously, speed is essential for any plastic surgery website. Studies have shown that site visitors tend to leave the site when it takes a long time for the web page to load. Thus, the PracticeBloom website design team are experts in coding and WordPress website development to be able to apply speed optimization strategies to ensure fast loading pages. This fast loading of pages is related to the user experience factor. Here, it is essential to apply strategies to help keep the visitor in the site, which Google considers to be a good indicator that a website should rank high in the search results.

Another vital factor is the authority of the site. What this requires is that other relevant medical websites that are considered by Google to be reliable and authoritative have links from their website to the practice's site. These back links show that other authoritative medical sites trust the practice's website. Thus, PracticeBloom has the expertise in identifying those authoritative medical sites so that the practice can endeavor to earn links from them.

And then finally, as always, content is vital. This includes the use of videos, such as videos of positive testimonials. Videos also tend to cause visitors to linger longer on the site.

Those who need more information about the services offered can visit their website or PracticeBloom's Facebook Page.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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