Parts of Speech for Kids Making Learning English Easier and More Fun

July 03, 2014
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Author Erin Jacobs wants children to experience a fulfilling life of words, grammar, and craft, beginning with Parts of Speech for Kids. In Jacobs’ Little Language Lovers children’s book series, kids will have an opportunity to work with parents to instill a love of learning the English language.

The first book in the series, Parts of Speech for Kids, features the foundational components of the English language in easy-to-remember rhymes and visuals.

“When you understand the parts of speech,” Jacobs said, “You begin to see how words are joined together to make meaningful communication.”

Good communication is an ongoing necessity today. Writing is invaluable, because with grammatical missteps, messages can convey something unintended. Efficient and effective word structure is more important the more people are connected, which makes beginning to master the craft earlier in life all the more beneficial. With encouragement and a lighter approach, Jacobs’ is offering a way to have fun while learning so that the communicating future is eased.

“Kids think and grow a lot, but they consume differently than we adults do,” Jacobs said. “It’s an obvious claim shown over the decades with many, many attempts at making learning fun for kids."

“Schools put pressure on communication, but the simplicity is lacking earlier in life. The Little Language Lovers series is for easy consumption. I want kids and parents to feel connected and at the same time be able to appreciate the English language,” said Jacobs.

Mastering grammar is a process, but it’s an attainable one, Jacobs believes.

“English can be a difficult subject,” Jacobs said. “But difficulty seems to go away with familiarity, and if kids are familiar with a subject then there is less struggle later dealing with the basics. The basics are incredibly important. They just need to be delivered with a soft hand.”

The areas covered are: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections. Each section of the book includes a simple rhyme, and a picture of words that fit into that category.

Parts of Speech for Kids is available on Amazon in electronic and print formats. Users can also sign up for weekly freebie information about making learning fun for children via the Little Language Lovers website.

About Little Language Lovers

Little Language Lovers is a book series by Erin Jacobs that instills a love of learning the English language. The series, which currently features Parts of Speech for Kids, will include Homophones for Kids, Homographs for Kids, Antonyms for Kids, Synonyms for Kids, Similes for Kids, and Metaphors for Kids.

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