Plastic Surgery Marketing Company Announces Success Of ProfitEngines Program

October 10, 2018
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PracticeBloom, a medical practice marketing agency in Clifton, NJ, has announced that their ProfitEngines Program has been incredibly successful. They point out that plastic surgery marketing by PracticeBloom is a unique, one-of-a-kind holistic approach that uses the ProfitEngines system. They also state that they have been one of the top plastic surgery marketing agencies for the last four years.

Matt Coffy from PracticeBloom explains, "ProfitEngines are a form of funnel-marketing that begins with an offer which is turned into ads targeted to specific demographics on social media platforms, sending premium traffic to beautiful landing pages with clear cut calls-to-action where the traffic converts into leads. Retargeting campaigns show follow-up ads to those who hit a landing page but didn't covert the first time, drastically increasing conversion rates."

The ProfitEngines automation feature is activated once a lead is generated so that the leads are nurtured until they become actual bookings on the practice's appointment calendar. It does not stop there. After the date of the appointment, the ProfitEngines system will follow up and ask for feedback from the patient regarding his or her first visit. For those who have positive feedback, they are encouraged to post such feedback on various platforms such as Google, Facebook, ZocDoc, and others.

Matt Coffy adds, "ProfitEngines were built to consistently drive new-patient leads, nurture them into online appointments, and deliver clear reporting of both the cost-per-lead and cost-per-appointment, making the measurement of your return on investment a breeze." Those who want to pay them a visit can check the PracticeBloom location in Google Maps.

The marketing agency points out that the ProfitEngines system offers the fastest way to grow a cosmetic surgery practice. It is true that cosmetic surgeons will need to make regular investments in the form of advertising, that is why PraticeBloom recommends the addition of an SEO program to their ProfitEngines program. Coffy points out that search engine optimization would be a longer-term investment because it would take them two to four months to bring the client's website to the top of page one in search results. Nevertheless, once the website is there, they'll get a steady stream of free leads.

Mark Coffy says, "We custom-design every website we build, and we build them on the best code in the business. Every website we create has three goals: Be Beautiful, Be Fast, Be Designed To Convert." He adds that they do not stop with the generation of leads because these would be useless if they are not converted into appointments with the practice.

The ProfitEngines system converts those leads into booked appointments automatically. This is because when people claim an offer on the practice's landing page, they are immediately redirected to a page that thanks them for claiming the offer and informs them that the next step is to request for an appointment using a form on that page. If no appointment request has been made after a few minutes, the system sends an email and/or text message to remind them not to forget to ask for an appointment. If there is still no appointment request after a day, the system will send another reminder.

After three days, if there is still no request for an appointment, the ProfitEngines system will shift to a nurture campaign in which five to 10 email messages with different content will be sent. The content could be a personal message from the doctor, some FAQ information, testimonials and stories from patients, celebrities who have provided positive feedback about the service, and more. The email messages are sent out every other day and each contain a call to action that leads them to the page with an appointment form.

Furthermore, PracticeBloom retargets ads because industry studies have shown that people who are retargeted are 70 percent more likely to convert compared to those who have just seen one ad. Also, the click-through rate for retargeting ads is 10 times of that for regular ads. The additional benefit is that retargeting ads costs much less than regular ads.

Finally, PracticeBloom offers reputation management because industry surveys have found that 90 percent of potential new patients tend to research a practice online and read the reviews that previous patients have written about the doctor and the practice before they book an appointment. Thus, having an outstanding online reputation is vital for a practice. And because this is easier said than done, the ProfitEngines system also takes this into consideration.

When online scheduling is used, ProfitEngines monitors appointments and follows up people after their scheduled appointment and asks for feedback. Any negative feedback is sent directly to the doctor so that it does go public through the Internet. On the other hand, those who provide a positive feedback are encourage to post their feedback on their preferred platform and to also paste it on the website's page for testimonials.

Those who need more information about the services offered can visit their website or find PracticeBloom on Facebook.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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