Pay Per Results SEO Service Offered by Small Biz Marketing AZ

October 09, 2018
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Small Biz Marketing AZ in Phoenix, AZ, has announced that they now offer Local Pay Per Results SEO services that turn clicks into sales for its clients. The company pointed out that they are so committed and so sure about their clients' success that they are willing to offer "Page one Google rankings or you don't pay."

Small Biz Marketing AZ's policy of "Page One or You Don't Pay" means that payment is requested only after the client's company is ranking on page one in the top ten of Google organic spots under paid advertising results for the specific keywords.

As the company website says, "Your website with your keyword phrases ranks on page one OR you don't pay ... simple." Paul at Small Biz Marketing AZ adds, "Our commitment to Pay for Performance SEO essentially mandates our ability to adapt to ex cogitative search engine rank factors; if we don't, our clients don't rank, and we don't get paid."

Pay for Performance

Their process is such that certified SEO experts work together with clients to create successful SEO Page One Ranking plans. Each client selects ten or more keywords or keyword phrases that are important to convey the value of the product or service. The campaigns are planned to reach page one ranking on Google within two to three months. The page one status usually is maintained over time.

"Don't be fooled by SEO strategies that don't get results," says Paul. "Only a truly customized pay-for-performance SEO strategy will turn those clicks into sales."

Using a Search Engine Optimization Process with more than 80 steps, the local pay per results content is continuously rewritten, adapting to Google's updated algorithms. As search ranking factors change, SEO is updated to avoid negatively affected ranking.

As explained on the website, steps included are "writing content for SEO, restructuring pages on the website for SEO, optimizing website code for SEO, and optimizing existing content for SEO." Additional steps include "listing of the site across main search engines, social networks and directories as well as creating and distributing relevant content to link back to the site."

White hat methods are used by all Local Pay Per Results technicians. This means that the target of the advertising is a human audience. Other SEO services using black hat techniques focus on reaching search engines rather than people. Small Biz Marketing AZ wants its clients to reach real people.

Clients of Small Biz Marketing AZ easily replace their top competitors on page one of Google results for their keywords. The benefits of Page One Ranking are great. These benefits include increased website traffic, sales conversions, and profits.

Local SEO is very important. Google's search results are based on the user's location. This is true no matter what device is used to search. A phone, tablet, or computer will bring the viewer local results. The electronic devices sense where they are located, so the user need not even include a city in search terms.

Using the Local Pay Per Results service of Small Biz Marketing AZ, clients will be found by more local customers. "With the right local search engine marketing strategies and over time, local SEO will increase your search engine rankings and drive more local business to you," explains Paul. "This provides you with powerful access to an exploding market of mobile customers who, in many cases, exclusively rely on searching from their mobile phones and tablets. If you aren't visible on the first page of map results and Google, you are missing out on huge numbers of hot leads and customers."

According to the company's website, the Zero Risk Page One or You Don't Pay concept keeps up with Google search algorithms, which are changed more than 300 times each year. For each client, the Local Pay Per Results service of Small Biz Marketing AZ develops a relevant SEO plan, builds on that, and follows Google's rules. The result is rankings that rise.

Small Biz Marketing AZ strives to avoid what is called diluted relevance. This occurs when search engines find peripheral or related items in addition to the specific item searched by the user. For instance, a search for "T-shirt" might also result in button shirts, polo shirts, etc. The Local Pay Per Results service optimizes SEO to make the client's page relevant to searches and referenced by other linking websites and social media.

Small Biz Marketing AZ helps companies of all sizes, small to large, for both local and national brands. For more information, individuals and businesses can contact Local Pay Per Results by phone or visit the company's website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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