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October 09, 2018
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Texas Foundation Pros in Fort Worth has announced a new blog post with information regarding the repair of a home's foundation and how to spot foundation problems. The company states that their blog post is designed to provide information to homeowners about the various issues that could happen with a foundation and what to do if and when these issues are found.

Robert Hinson, a spokesperson for Texas Foundation Pros, says, "Foundation damage is not something to be taken likely. It could signal serious issues with the structure and unfortunately, it's not one of those things that will repair itself. If not repaired, foundation damage will get worse and could be quite dangerous in some cases."

The company states that there are many things that could cause foundation damage and that all homeowners should know how to spot signs of foundation problems. They state that their newest blog post is filled with information that will enable consumers to be able to tell if they are experiencing foundation damage and tells them what they should do if they do happen to notice an issue with the foundation in their home or commercial building.

"We urge homeowners to call us and schedule a foundation inspection first and foremost," says Hinson. "This is particularly important for those who really don't know how to spot foundation damage or maybe don't really know what they may be looking for. Our professionals do know what to look for and can help to prevent that damage from getting worse."

Hinson says that consumers should be on the lookout for any cracks in their foundation, sloped floors, rotated walls, separated wood floors or tiles, misaligned doors and windows and any separated baseboards or crown molding, particularly if the consumer knows that these things were perfectly lined up at one time. These are all signs of foundation problems that should be addressed immediately. Hinson says that cracks in the foundation are likely the worse of these.

Foundations can be cracked during the warmer months as the soil around the concrete heats up. They can also receive damage during heavy rains and colder months. The company says that the reason that they published their latest post is to give consumers all of the information that they could possibly need regarding foundation damage, how to spot it, how it can happen and what they can do if they do notice some damage.

Hinson says that all of their blog posts are written in a way that all consumers can understand them and learn more about how they can protect their homes and buildings from serious foundation damage. The company offers foundation repair for homes and commercial structures. They state that the sooner foundation damage is found and repaired, the better off the homeowner or business owner will be. Hinson says that the company is dedicated to helping those in the Fort Worth area to protect their buildings from the damages that a bad foundation can bring.

The post also gives tips on what homebuyers and sellers should do before entering into contracts, such as looking for signs of foundation damage on the part of the buyer. Hinson says that buying a home that already has foundation damage could cost the buyer much more in the long run and that existing homeowners can save as well by having any damage repaired quickly as opposed to waiting and potentially having to repair a greater area of the foundation. The company says that foundations left unrepaired can, in extreme cases, cause dangerous conditions for those inside structures and that those issues should always be taken care of immediately.

Texas Foundation Pros was founded in April 1987 and continues to serve the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas areas with structural repair services for houses. The company boasts of more than 40 years of construction experience and knowledge and says that they will continue to provide their customers with the trusted services that they have come to know and respect. The company urges those who may notice any warning signs of foundation damage in their homes to contact them immediately for a consultation and inspection. They state that they work with professionals in the area and are pleased to offer customers the highest quality of services for all of their foundation repair issues.

Those interested can learn more by visiting the company on their official website. The company's blog can also be accessed through their website, and offers information for consumers about foundations and other topics of interest for helping to protect their homes from damage.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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