New Jersey Drug Rehab Center Releases New Post About Drug Rehabilitation During Addiction Recovery

October 09, 2018
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Endeavor House North, a Kearny, New Jersey-based drug and alcohol addiction recovery clinic, has recently posted on the clinic's blog about the important role of rehabilitation for drugs while patients undergo addiction recovery. Representatives from the clinic say that a comprehensive, evidence-based treatment is essential for those who want to overcome addiction and live a substance-free life.

John Henry from Endeavor House says, "At Endeavor House, we're committed to compassionate treatment for all of our patients. We believe a multidisciplinary, whole-person approach to treatment so that patients can help to heal themselves, repair their relationships, and live a healthy life."

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), the number of deaths due to synthetic opioids had surpassed deaths from prescription opioids in 2016. In 2010, 14% of drug-related deaths were caused by prescription opioids. In 2016, synthetic opioid deaths caused 50% of all drug-related deaths. Henry says, "Synthetic opioids like fentanyl are becoming much easier to procure now that it's being made illicitly. If you or a loved one is addicted to opioids, we recommend coming in and starting a personalized treatment plan as soon as possible."

Henry says that people who are looking to go into treatment for drugs or alcohol should first handle any legal, family, work, or other personal issues before entering treatment, as not having to worry about dealing with them post-treatment. He says that the reduced stress after leaving treatment will help greatly in avoiding a potential relapse in the future.

Those who are interested in drug rehabilitation have options, Henry says, depending on their situation. The first type of treatment happens at the clinic, and is typically called Residential or Inpatient treatment. This kind of treatment involves 24-hour care for the patient in a specialized facility, and includes a schedule of activities tailored to the individual.

In an inpatient program, treatment starts during the intake process, where clinic staff will complete a medical and psychological examination to uncover the extent of the addiction. From there, the individualized treatment plan will take shape, and the length of the stay will be determined, and detox will begin. In the treatment facility, a daily therapy session with an individual therapist or with a group is supplemented with recreational activities, meditation, educational classes, and support groups. Some of the group activities can include music therapy, art therapy, and other forms of creative activities. Self-help groups meet onsite, or clients can be transported to meetings held locally. Clients are also put on a healthy nutrition plan as part of the recovery process.

If a client is not able to enter an inpatient program, outpatient programs are available. Outpatient programs are available that are also tailored to the individual while they are working and living at home. Clients can have regularly-scheduled therapy sessions with groups, family, and one-on-one counseling. Clients also have access to nutrition programs, 12-step programs, and life-skills development programs.

After treatment has been completed, post-treatment is critical to success. Henry states, "Continuing to go to meetings, get skills training, and meeting with your therapist to help you manage stresses and cope with challenges are key to getting to live a healthier, happier life. We also offer connections through our Alumni and Family Programs for those looking for community."

Clients and loved ones who have successfully completed treatment at Endeavor House North have nothing but praise for the facility. Kim L. said about the clinic, "I can't say enough about Endeavor House North and their staff. The amount of support they have shown my loved one while in treatment has been amazing. From the time she checked in with Caitlyn, to Olivia making sure her after care goes smoothly - to everyone in between. The RA's are awesome [...] Nicole and David, you have my upmost respect for what you have done for our community. Besides having a loved one in treatment, I also run a community outreach program to combat opioid addiction. I also work in emergency services and see firsthand what an epidemic it is. The way in which the entire staff treats addiction treatment should be applauded. I am grateful they reside in my home town. Thank you all..."

Those who are looking for more information on drug rehab in New Jersey are invited to visit the Endeavor House's website. Visitors to the website can also learn more about the treatments for drug and alcohol addiction, information on post-treatment life, and can reserve a bed for themselves or a loved one to begin their treatment journey.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Endeavor House North:

Endeavor House North is a residential drug and alcohol treatment facility located in New Jersey.

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