Cobb Chiropractic Clinic Publishes Article On Sitting Positions That Better Posture

October 09, 2018
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Cobb Chiropractic Clinic in Greensboro, North Carolina, has announced the publication of a new blog post. The clinic states that the post provides information related to sitting positions that will better posture and help to decrease back and neck pain.

Dr. Shane A. Cobb, chiropractic physician, says, "There are a number of sitting positions that can help better posture that many consumers do not know about. Our goal with all of the posts on our blog is to provide you with more information about living with less pain in your life."

Dr. Cobb says that the blog post provides a number of tips that can help those with acute or chronic pain to experience a more pain free life. The post outlines a number of reasons why people may experience back and neck pain and gives some information on various sitting positions that can help to alleviate this pain. Dr. Cobb states that many are unaware of the various ways that they can help to treat their pain naturally, without the use of surgery or medication.

"It's sad that the first thing someone thinks of when they have pain is medication," Dr. Cobb states. "What makes it even more sad is that there are so many natural ways to treat pain effectively and one of them is to improve your overall posture, which is what this blog post is all about."

The new blog post, which can be viewed on the company's official blog at, discusses good posture and what it means. It gives an overview of how the body should be aligned in order for one to experience good posture, which in turn could lead to less pain. When one has good posture, the blog post says, it helps to improve the health of the spine and reduce strains that are often imposed on the body. It can help to maintain balance during movement and significantly reduces the risk of muscle strain during exercise.

Dr. Cobb says that finding the right posture when sitting can take some trial and error as not everyone is alike. He states that there are a number of aspects that are the same in all people, however. Supporting the back when sitting is crucial for good posture, and so is adjusting chairs and keeping computer screens at eye level so that the neck is not bent during internet browsing, game playing or working for long periods of time.

The blog post gives examples of how to accomplish the best sitting position when sitting for hours at a time so that those looking to improve their posture can do so easily. Dr. Cobb says that adjustments may be needed for computer screens and keyboards in order to provide the best possible sitting position to eliminate stress on the neck and back.

The chiropractor recommends that those looking for better posture when sitting always keep their feet flat on the floor while sitting. Crossing the ankles or knees can put undo pressure on the back. It is also recommended that sitters relax their shoulders and sit up straight to avoid putting strain on the neck.

The chiropractor says that these are only a few of the ways that people can ensure that they are sitting properly and improve their posture as they do so. He states that good posture is paramount to alleviating pain and stress on the back and neck and can help with many chronic and acute pain issues due to injuries or disease.

Cobb Chiropractic Clinic provides specialized treatment for those who suffer from neck and back pain. The clinic states that chiropractic care is a good form of treatment for more naturally treating pain from the neck and back without medication or surgery. The clinic has a number of qualified doctors on staff to ensure that patients are sitting properly throughout their day, which they state can significantly help to reduce the overall stress on their muscles and joints and help them to experience less pain.

The chiropractor states that those who are interested in learning more can read through the various blogs on the clinic's official website for a number of topics that are designed to help consumers to live a more pain free life. Those who are interested can contact the clinic for a free consultation or visit their website to learn more about the specific services that they provide, the insurance types that they accept and other information regarding treatment of a number of illnesses, injuries and diseases.

Those who need more information on sitting positions that can help posture or want to schedule a consultation can visit the clinic's website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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