Asbestos Abatement In St Louis Now Offered By ABC Contracting

October 09, 2018
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ABC Contracting in Foristell, Missouri, has announced that they are pleased to now be offering asbestos abatement St Louis residents can depend on. The company recently announced that their service areas now reach into the St. Louis area for asbestos inspections, abatement, and removals.

Tina Benton, a spokesperson for the company, says, "We are so pleased to be offering our asbestos abatement services in the St. Louis area. Our goal is and has always been to help our customers to enjoy healthier atmospheres and we are glad to extend those services to a wider area."

Benton says that asbestos abatement procedures typically are categorized into low, moderate or high risk. She states that regardless of the risk level, there are procedures that are followed in every abatement project. These include isolation of the asbestos contamination, followed by the company's certified workers containing the contamination, minimizing the release of toxic fibers and finally, decontaminating and cleaning up the area. The company states that because breathing in asbestos can be very dangerous, it is never recommended that homeowners, renters or business owners attempt to remove asbestos on their own. Qualified, trained and certified crews remove the contamination while wearing protective gear to protect themselves from exposure.

"You don't take any chances with asbestos," says Benton. "This is one of the most dangerous things that the average consumer can be exposed to and exposure should not be taken lightly."

Benton says that while all steps are taken in all risk categories, those that have a medium or high risk require additional steps. Protective clothing must be worn, made from materials like Tyvek, to fit tightly around the body and cover the head and feet. This greatly minimizes the risk of exposure. If appropriate, respiratory protective equipment should also be worn and ventilation systems may need to be shut down so that they do not move the airborne fibers around the interior. HEPA filtered exhaust units are typically connected to work areas to provide negative pressure and there are other steps that need to be taken, as well.

Benton says that because of these additional steps and because the average consumer is not going to have the proper protective equipment and clothing on hand for removal, it is recommended that only professional removal companies should inspect, remove or abate asbestos.

ABC Contracting states that they have the appropriate equipment for the safe removal of asbestos, including an industrial vacuum with a HEPA filter, polyethylene drop sheets, the proper power tools for abatement and the right cleanup supplies and materials. The company urges those who feel that they have asbestos in their residential or commercial building to call in a professional and never attempt to move or remove the asbestos themselves.

Prolonged exposure to asbestos has been proven to be dangerous and the cause of many long term and life threatening diseases. ABC Contracting says that by expanding their service area for asbestos abatement to the St. Louis area, they feel that they can help more customers to avoid prolonged exposure and to live longer and healthier lives.

ABC Contracting offers asbestos removal, inspections and testing for residential and commercial buildings. Commercial services are available for a number of business types including banks, schools, offices and more. The company says that by bringing in professionals, individuals can ensure that their asbestos abatement is done properly and safely. The company also provides asbestos surveys for those who need them and state that they will provide each customer with a report stating where the asbestos was found and giving information about its removal and cleanup.

ABC Contracting is a private, veteran owned and operated company in Foristell, Missouri that specializes in construction and environmental disciplines. They offer services that include asbestos removal, remediation, and abatement as well as general contracting with emphasis on remodeling. The company also provides commercial tenant build outs and water mitigation. They state that their national resources and their team of employees enables them to offer their customers the best in services and say that they can handle all jobs from large properties to small residential mold and asbestos abatement. The company states that they are dedicated to the success of every job. More on ABC Contracting and asbestos in general, including a list of its dangers and risks, can be seen on the company's official website. The website includes comprehensive information about asbestos, the history of its use and the dangers of its exposure. Those interested can also follow ABC Consulting on their official Facebook page at

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ABC Contracting is a privately owned company that specializes in multiple construction and environmental disciplines including asbestos removal.

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