Event Design Institute Releases Dates For Educational Classes

October 09, 2018
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The Institute of Wedding and Event Design (IWED), an education center providing certified training for wedding planners and event coordinators based in Deerfield Beach, Florida, is pleased to announce the dates for their live, in-class educational tour in the Deerfield Beach area. Two 5-day classes are being held, one in Event Design and one in Floral Design, and both are expected to be well-attended.

"Our main campus is based from Deerfield Beach, FL. To have two live events there and only a few days apart is really exciting," says Nicole Blackwelder, Director of Sales at the Institute.

The Event Design course starts on day one with attendees learning about backdrops. The first day, instructors will talk about hardware and terminology, room draping techniques, pole decoration, room draping, and double valance. To round out the first day, an advanced lesson on advanced backdrops will be given, including waterfalls, curtain backdrops, as well as custom and mixed backdrops that include more modern designs.

Day two of Event Design will be about ceilings. Attendees will learn about ceiling hardware such as hooks and hoops; ceiling draping techniques such as starburst ceilings and linear draping; alternative draping techniques for high ceilings and places with improper connection points; table linen styles and sizes; how to configure a head table; and Cinderella skirting for tables.

Day three will focus on tabletop and centerpiece decor. During this part of the course, attendees will learn about table draping, how to create specialty tables, learn about design elements and principles such as color theory, get an outline on chair types and seating options, centerpiece design such as glassware and accessories, and tabletop design including design components, maximizing design impact, and styling ideas.

Day four will focus on ceremony structure and decor. Attendees will learn about the history of the wedding ceremony and its traditions, get design ideas for ceremonies, learn how to execute four-post and round canopies, and learn various lighting types and techniques.

Day five will focus on the social media and marketing of design businesses. The last day of the course will start with how to start a business, set goals for the business, and set up bookkeeping. Then the attendees will learn about marketing strategies such as social media marketing, networking, SEO and website optimization, and tradeshows. Then attendees will learn about the guidelines for consulting work, including pricing factors, booking questions, how to set up a proposal for clients, and contract rights. Finally, attendees will learn about the different factors that influence the event design industry.

The Floral Design course from IWED will also last for five days. Day one will focus on floral supplies, preparation, and care. Here attendees will learn about the kinds of supplies they need, container options, an in-depth look at proper floral care, varieties of flowers, and consultation and proposal guidelines.

The second day will focus on floral design and arrangements. There will be a hands-on demonstration of floral forms including vertical, asymmetrical, and symmetrical. Attendees will also learn tips and tricks on how to arrange a head table, and how to use a floral fan deck and floral forms.

Day three will be about event and bouquet floral arrangements. Covered in this part of the course will be elements and principles of floral design, pricing out flowers, creating profitable centerpiece designs, putting together a personal bouquet, wiring and taping techniques, how to design and properly pin a boutonniere, and lessons in corsage design.

The fourth day will be about bouquets. Attendees will learn how to create a hand-tied bouquet including loose organic and round bouquet designs. There will also be a lesson on how to create a bouquet in a bouquet holder that will stay structurally sound while staying visually interesting. The day will end with a lesson on types of packaging materials, as well as a lesson on how to package a floral arrangement and ship it safely.

The course will conclude on day five with boutonniere and corsage design. It will begin with tips on how to choose flowers that will last through an event, wiring and taping techniques, an in-depth look at how to design and pin a boutonniere, and a lesson in corsage design, including flower choice, both wrist and pin corsages, and tips on design components.

The courses are so popular that the Institute says many people are planning to attend both courses being offered. Thus, they suggest that those interested should act quickly. Those interested in learning more about the events and other IWED courses are encouraged to visit the Institute's website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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