Simple Smart Science & Zenman Announce New Scientific Breakthrough In Brain Health & Nutrition

July 07, 2014
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Denver, CO - Simple Smart Science & Zenman are pleased to announce a new scientific study in Brain Health and Nutrition that focuses on ways to improve mental focus, concentration and overall mental energy, helping consumers think better and live better. Through a joint effort, Russell Lundstrom of Simple Smart Science & Keith Roberts of Zenman, a local web development shop, teamed up in a scientific study to measure employee performance and workplace satisfaction using the most sought after high performance nootropic brain supplements called MindBoost.

The study was inspired by Russell Lundstrom of Simple Smart Science, the creators of MindBoost supplements formulated to improve cognitive acuteness. With inspiration from the new book, Rise of Superman, Simple Smart Science took the idea of employees getting “into the zone” to local Denver web development shop Zenman, where twenty employees volunteered for the experiment to measure increases in performance. “I was immediately intrigued and actively support my employee’s productivity and performance,” Keith Roberts said, president of Zenman. As part of the company wide study, Simple Smart Science donated a 90 day supply of the MindBoost Day and MindBoost Night supplement to each employee, while Zenman monitored employee daily performance with employee metrics on productivity and billable hours.

Evaluating the impact on performance with company metrics, Zenman hopes to see a major impact on overall company performance in employee production, workplace satisfaction and general well-being. “Its pretty exciting to see how taking a simple supplement can improve company profitability and productivity,” said Keith Roberts. The key point of the MindBoost Nootropic brain supplements study is to increase overall brain health and nutrition while increasing productivity and performance in daily life. Simple Smart Science & Zenman are helping consumers think better and live better lives.

About Simple Smart Science & Zenman

The mission of Simple Smart Science is to provide the latest research driven information on how to improve life and employee performance and productivity by having increased brain energy. Using premium ingredients from trusted sources and the top rated manufacturing facilities, Simple Smart Science combines the latest research with real world applications that achieve a proven record of success and measurable results. Their mission is to identify areas were big leaps in performance in every area of life can be achieved and then create products that take you there.

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SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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