Augusto Beato Expounds on Benefits Reaped by Startups in Outsourcing Branding Campaigns

September 18, 2018
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Augusto Beato, CEO of Portland SEO, advised startup companies that they can strengthen their brand identity by outsourcing if they are not equipped with the necessary skills for it.

Beato was reacting to the news that among businesses that rely solely on in-house staff and software for digital marketing, 32 percent plan to outsource their digital marketing within the next year.

He noted that in-house marketing staff of newbie firms frequently mistook brand as merely consisting of its name, logo, tagline, and the look and feel of your products. On the other hand, many solution providers are skilled in eliciting the emotion that customers and potential customers feel when they experience the product or service. "A talented outside branding company will zero in immediately on the emotions and arrange the elements that fit with those emotions," Beato asserted.

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He reminded startup firms about parameters in selecting a provider that can deliver on their brand promise. "The partner should take time to really understand your business and display that they have similar values to you. They should illustrate how they will integrate seamlessly with your people and your customers," Beato emphasized.

He also pointed out that outsourcing digital marketing can help a business receive essential external perspective, experts say. "A third party handling a company's branding strategy has an outsider's viewpoint, and is thus less likely to get caught up in your inside-looking-out vision," Beato specified.

Furthermore, outsourcing digital marketing needs will save a company money, allowing quicker profitability and sustained growth. If the project requires a specialist set of skills, technology or capex that is not within current parameters, then outsourcing is worth considering.

Most businesses will set a hiring budget for their digital marketing needs and spend little time researching the talent needed to move the company forward. This poor research typically leads to bloated in-house staff. Don’t think this only occurs in startups; some of the most respected companies remain bloated.

Bloating kills profit margins. But this scenario could have been quickly diverted by outsourcing, which can save thousands of dollars every month due to cutting some major costs.

Reputable agencies are typically loaded with the best possible talent. "If these companies outsource, their mind will likely be freer to focus on the other elements that help with growth and profitability," Beato averred.

With less worrying about what’s going on in-house, the C-level execs can focus more on important things, like business development or creating an agenda to polish the sales team.

Beato noted that one huge positive of hiring an in-house digital marketing team is that they will be submerged in the company’s culture. Each in-house worker can unite to help strengthen the company’s story. "But overall, if a project requires a specialist set of skills that are not within a company's current parameters, then outsourcing is worth considering," he proclaimed.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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