Preschool In Columbus Ohio Receives Rave Review

September 12, 2018
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Villa Montessori Preschool Columbus, a preschool in Columbus, Ohio, is proud to announce that a satisfied parent has provided a glowing testimonial. The preschool has made a video showcasing the five star review and posted it on YouTube as a way of showing their gratitude for the kind words. This video was published on September 5, 2018 and can be viewed at

Ben James, the parent who gave the five star review, says: "This school has helped our son tremendously in his development. He is ahead in things I know I didn't know as a kid. I can't begin to explain how it has helped our son. He is beyond prepared to go to Kindergarten which he will be starting this fall. I love Villa Montessori. It has truly been a blessing."

On its Facebook page at, several people have also expressed their satisfaction with the preschool and are recommending the preschool to other parents because of the positive things they have observed about the school.

At Villa Montessori Preschool Columbus, the Montessori classrooms have been designed to be attractive to the children as a way to help build their self-confidence, encouraging them to engage in hands-on learning as their curiosity is aroused. The learning environments are comfortable and attractive so that the students can play and learn at their own pace, and the teachers simply guide them in finding out their specific interests.

At the Columbus preschool, the Montessori classrooms also serve as a teacher for the children. This is because the classrooms have been designed in such a way that materials and projects can be easily reached by the children, allowing them to explore things that interest them. Each part of the classrooms has been designed in such a way that the children are encouraged to interact so that they become aware of their interests and get to make new discoveries.

The Villa Montessori Preschool Columbus also has a Reggio-inspired playground that has been designed to encourage the children to engage in creative play. The open areas in the playground have been made large enough so that the children can run and climb to their heart's content, while the large play structures stimulate the imagination of the children. The preschool has also installed outdoor blackboards where the children can write or draw and develop their artistic talents and creativity.

The Montessori Method, which is the approach that is the primary basis for the preschool, was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori who realized that it is natural for children to want to learn and explore their environments. She noticed that parents and teachers don't need to force children to learn because it is natural for them to be curious about their environments and learn from them. As a result, she designed the Montessori curriculum, which is unique in that the educational materials have been scientifically designed to permit hands-on learning and to be project oriented.

The Villa Montessori Preschool Columbus also makes use of the Reggio approach to early childhood education. This is based on the Reggio Emilia philosophy that was initiated by Loris Malaguzzi and is similar in principle to the Montessori Method. In the Reggio method, the curriculum and the preschool are designed to help the children develop their higher critical thinking skills. With such skills, the children are able to come up with the right questions to ask in order for them to learn. This is very different from the traditional approach where students are simply asked to memorize certain information. This rote memory approach has become archaic because technology has now made it very easy to seek certain information. In Reggio, the children will need to learn to determine the right questions to ask as a way to enhance their knowledge.

Meanwhile, at the Villa Montessori Preschool Columbus, the programs have been design to suit a particular age range, taking into account the best way for that particular age range to learn. There are four types of classes: the Toddler class for children, 18 months to 24 months old; the Pre-Primary Class, for children, 24 months to 36 months old; the Primary Class, which is a mixed age group of children with ages 3 to 6 years; and the Kindergarten Class, for children who turn five not later than September 30. In Kindergarten, mathematics, language, science, history, art, cultural studies, and geography are combined. Furthermore, each teacher has only a few students under his/her care to ensure that the teaching is suited for each individual student.

Those who need more information about the preschool can visit its website or its Google Maps page at

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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