Mosquito Prevention Fairfax VA Service From Backyard Bug Patrol Gets Rave Review

September 11, 2018
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Backyard Bug Patrol, a pest control company serving Fairfax, VA, and surrounding areas, has announced with pride that their mosquito prevention service has received a glowing testimonial from a satisfied homeowner. And to highlight and showcase the review, the company has posted a YouTube video, which can be accessed at This video was published on YouTube on September 5, 2018.

David M, the homeowner, who gave the five star review to the mosquito prevention service, says, "This is our second year and this outfit is on the ball. The treatment really works, they are very responsive in general, good with communications before and after treatment, and work hard to work with you."

Backyard Bug Patrol provides tick and mosquito control services in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC. It is quite obvious that people hate mosquitoes and many would love to spend some time relaxing in their backyards were it not for mosquitoes disturbing them and biting them. Aside from getting those itchy welts, people are at risk of getting dangerous diseases, such as dengue and West Nile fever while animals could also be affected by diseases, such as Eastern equine encephalitis for horses and heartworm disease in dogs. More information about their services can be found at

With the Backyard Bug Patrol service, homeowners would be able to take back their yards and protect their family members and pets from the deadly diseases that could be brought by mosquitoes. Once homeowners contact Backyard Bug Patrol, a licensed applicator will visit the home and barrier spray the yard. The spray does not only kill the mosquitoes upon contact but it also gets into the foliage so that it provides a protective barrier that effectively repels the mosquitoes. By enlisting in one of the mosquito control programs offered, homeowners get the assurance that their backyards are protected from mosquitoes for the whole season. Or they can ask for a customized program specifically tailored to their needs.

The mosquito control service is vital, particularly because mosquitoes have been found to be responsible for more human deaths than any other living creature. Backyard Bug Patrol points out that there are more than 150 kinds of mosquitoes in the US. They don't actually eat the blood that they suck but use it to develop their eggs. What mosquitoes actually get nourishment from is the glucose that can be found in plants. That is why they usually can be found under leaves and foliage and that's where Backyard Bug Patrol targets them.

Another pest that is targeted by Backyard Bug Patrol are ticks. These pests also like to hang out in bushes and shrubs, waiting for mammals to pass by so that they can hitch a ride and then feed on the blood of their victims. The deer tick, which is only as large as the tip of a pen, can carry Borrelia bacteria, which causes Lyme disease. Lyme disease can be very dangerous, especially if it is not treated early.

Backyard Bug Patrol provides two barrier spray services for protecting people from ticks, mosquitoes and more. In addition, they offer Tick Tunnels, which are also essential in protecting people from ticks and the like. This is because while the barrier sprays effectively kill ticks on contact and offer barrier protection for as long as three weeks, Tick Tunnels complete the eradication program. These are biodegradable tubes that contain cotton balls treated with the company's tick killing solution.

A licensed technician from Backyard Bug Patrol places the Tick Tunnels in strategic locations where mice and other rodents usually hide. The strategy used by the Tick Tunnels is that white footed mouse and other rodents will enter the tubes and get the cotton balls and bring these back to their den. It should be noted that while the tick that can carry Lyme disease is the deer tick, it is not only deer that can carry ticks. Deer ticks can be found on all animals, including birds and squirrels. With the Tick Tunnels, the deer ticks get killed in the den but the cotton balls are harmless to the rodents.

With proven strategies for eliminating pests, such as mosquitoes and ticks, it is no surprise that many customers of Backyard Bug Patrol have expressed their satisfaction about the service they have received. For instance, on Yelp, 45 people have left reviews for the company's service. Out of the 45, 42 have rated the service they received as five stars. These reviews can be accessed at

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