Breast Augmentation Honolulu Clinic Stresses The Advantages Of The Procedure

August 29, 2018
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Honolulu Plastic Surgery Center has posted an article that describes the advantages of breast augmentation for women. Dr. Randy Wong, who performs the procedure at the center, has pointed out that most women are unsatisfied with the shape and size of their breasts and this usually results into low self-esteem that in turn can lead to depression and sometimes overall withdrawal from social situations. With the procedure, women would be able to have the breasts reshaped and resized, giving them the kind of breasts they desire. Another advantage is that women would be able to have a wider choice of clothes because smaller, misshapen breasts often result in difficulties in finding the clothing that would fit.

Dr. Wong himself says, "If you are tired of never having clothes that seem to fit right or avoiding social situations due to the size of your breast, then you may need to consider breast augmentation. The breast augmentation that I perform will reshape and resize your breasts in a way that looks natural and noticeable. You need to call the office to schedule a consultation. Putting this surgery off will only keep the pattern of low self-esteem going, so time is definitely a factor. Be sure to call today so you can make your Honolulu breast augmentation dream a reality."

Aside from breast augmentation Honolulu Plastic Surgery Center offers other kinds of plastic surgery procedures, such as the tummy tuck, facial rejuvenation, eyelid surgery, fat injections, and liposuction. They have observed that the people who actively look for the best plastic surgeons in Honolulu are those who are not happy with a certain part of their body would like to change it. Dr. Wong is considered to be one of the best in Honolulu when it comes to hand surgery and plastic surgery.

There are three basic things that people can expect when they visit Dr. Wong. First of all, he believes in using the most up-to-date techniques, which minimize the down time, pain and scarring after the procedure. Second, he ensures that every surgery he performs is done with the maximum amount of planning and forethought. With that, there would be less chance of errors and excess scarring. Finally, he makes use of the Aikido breathing techniques that he learned when he was still in medical school. With the breathing techniques, he is able to avoid any shaking or tremors that could be a problem when doing microsurgery. Because of his steady hands, Dr. Wong has been elected as the Director of Microsurgery and Replantation Services at Hershey Medical Center in Penn State University Hospital.

Past patients of Honolulu Plastic Surgery Center can attest to the skills and experience of Dr. Wong. For instance, Gae B. says, "My experience was so much more than an outstanding surgical procedure as well the preparation and follow up. It was actually a confirmation of the best of life.... with the reminder in each step, word and nuance from Dr Wong of the power of our own wonderful energy. I'm so happy with the results of the procedure, and had minimal if any bruising, some well placed swelling that went down consistently and no pain or discomfort. Amazing. The third day after the surgery I was out running errands..."

Kimberly H. says, "Both Dr Wong and Maria are amazing. Kind, patient, and compassionate. Dr Wong is truly the first plastic surgeon I’ve met with absolute integrity; he strives to do what is best for the Patient on all levels. The entire office is so "real" versus "plastic". His unique surgical techniques are a step above the rest. Post surgically I had such little pain I only needed regular Tylenol for a few days. Highly highly recommend."

Patricia C. says, "I would totally do it again, the experience was totally without stress. Dr. Wong and staff makes you feel comfortable from the first consultation. He explains in full detail what you will experience and will answer any questions (I had silly ones) that you have before and after the surgery. His staff makes you feel welcome, I love the intimate setting. I would recommend Dr Wong totally. He is highly skilled and at the same time very compassionate. I feel 100% better about myself, thanks..."

Those who are interested in getting more information about the breast augmentation procedure and the other plastic surgery options at Honolulu Plastic Surgery Center can visit their website at, where they can also book an appointment with Dr. Randy Wong.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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