Miami Lawn care Company Shares How to Maintain a Beautiful Lawn

August 22, 2018
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Miami, Fla. - The Billy Goat, a Miami lawn care company, shared how to maintain a lawn. Especially with the heat lately, homeowners are having a hard time keeping up with lawn care maintenance. They have a few techniques to help greens flourish.

Higher settings on the mower is one way. Mowers come with settings that change the height of the blade. Leaving longer grass helps longer roots be solidified. Especially on hotter days, moisture is scarce. Longer roots can help the grass get enough moisture.

Along with higher settings, proper watering is the second way that they recommend. Everyone knows lawns need water, but many people do not know how to properly water. Especially if homeowners cut their lawns short, they need to water it more than longer lawns. However, this doesn't mean longer grass doesn't need water. Homeowners should pay attention to the heat/rainfall. This will help measure the amount of water they need to give their lawns.

Not only is proper water care essential, but homeowners should remember lawns need food. It is important that lawns get fed. They need more than water. Nutrients do not last forever; they will be used up entirely. Homeowners should give them nutrients at least every seven weeks or so. If they do not know how or where to get the right feed, homeowners can reach out to a lawn service in Miami.

Heat can cause problems with lawn care; it makes the process a lot harder. Homeowners having trouble with maintaining their lawns should contact The Billy Goat. The Billy Goat has been serving South Florida for almost ten years. Interested parties can reach The Billy Goat by calling their phone at (305) 666-0111 or looking online at

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About The Billy Goat:

The Billy Goat service businesses and homeowners in Miami and surrounding areas. We are a complete landscape service company that specializes in landscape construction and installation including lawn maintenance, fertilizing, tree trimming and removal.

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