Co-Founder and CEO, Jason Katzenback, Reveals You’re Never Too Old to Find Your Passion and Go For It, Just as Entrepreneur Releases Article Affirming View

August 13, 2018
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Facebook Twitter Google Digg Reddit LinkedIn Email co-founder and CEO, Jason Katzenback, recently shared his insights into finding a passion in life. Katzenback revealed that it’s never too late to find something that makes one want to get up in the morning. He is a firm believer that life is all about happiness and recognizes that the time people spend working is significantly higher than the time they dedicate to their family or hobbies. The co-founder explained, “People are naive to think they can be miserable at work but live a happy life. If you’re spending the majority of your time doing something you hate, how can you be happy the rest of the time? We often feel we have no control and it’s too late to change. You have to understand that you are in control.” Katzenback’s statement comes just as released an article supporting his point of view.

Entrepreneur recently released an article, “It's Never Too Late to Pursue Your Passion”, that echoed Katzenback’s beliefs. The article revealed that some people find success early in their life, while others discover their passion much later. Sam Walton opened Walmart when he was 44 years old, Henri Nestle was 56 when he started selling Nestle products, and U.S. Colonel Harland Sanders didn’t find his passion for KFC until he was 62 years old. The article suggests all someone needs to do is consider their strengths to find a mix of what they love and what they’re good at.

Katzenback shared, “Recently, I brought my car into the dealership and a man about 30 years old noticed a sports car driving by. With longing in his eyes, he said, “Oh, my ship has sailed. I’ll never be able to have a car like that now.” I was shocked. I believe this limited way of thinking is all in your mind. If you're looking at a stack of bills, wondering how you'll ever catch up, or sitting in your car dreading walking into work in the morning, look at your life from a professional viewpoint. I’m confident that if you figure out what excites you, and what makes you leap out of bed, it will dramatically improve your life.”

Reflecting on the importance of what drives a person, Katzenback continued, “It’s important to ask yourself what drives you. Are you looking for freedom, or do you want to avoid the office? Do you desire the ability to work from home, or do you want the flexibility to travel more, needing only an internet connection for work? Do you want more time to enjoy your hobbies. Decide what it is that pushes you to reach these goals. Right now, I’m living passionately. I’m doing precisely what I want in life, but I'll be 100 percent honest; there's huge stress. This is because I'm passionate about what I do, and I want to ensure I'm providing value. The responsibility means there’s massive stress, but it's what I've chosen. If the bills are piling up, and you hate where you work, then I would consider looking toward something that can solve those issues. Create something real that’s fulfilling.”'s CEO went on to reveal pointers for determining long-term goals in order to work backwards to create a fulfilling life. “You need to understand what it is you want in life. Write down where you imagine yourself in five years. Picture your perfect, midweek workday, and write what it looks like. Where are you? What are you doing? For myself, I picture starting the day with some exercise, followed by writing something like this at my computer desk. The perfect day would end with quality family time. Once you see your end goal and visualize your perfect day, you can work backward to achieve it. If the perfect day you’ve visualized is four hours of work, instead of eight, you need to make a lot of changes and big decisions. That might mean not working at an office but operating your own business. And if you hope to run your own business from home, you must make sure it’s legitimate work. There’s a lot of questions you’ll need to find answers to: do you like being on phone, do you prefer online work, or do you enjoy travel? Make it a point to understand these options.”

In conclusion, Jason stated, “I’ve taught and mentored countless people from different lifestyles and many lines of work. I can verify that finding your passion, aligning it with your personality and what makes you happy professionally, will give you a more fulfilled and better life. It’s not too late. Figure out what you’re passionate about and do it.”

Jason Katzenback is the CEO and Co-Founder of After realizing he wanted more out of life, Jason parted from his career in engineering to get involved with the online-product industry. Jason launched his first multi-million-dollar business in 2005 and has dedicated his life to understanding the online-product industry and educating others on the business. This eventually led him to the creation of With thousands of students across the world, has established itself as a leading education organization for entrepreneurs. educates new sellers on how to build and scale an Amazon business through online courses, including Amazing Selling Machine.

About is an educational company that concentrates on teaching entrepreneurs. The courses on review how to build and scale an Amazon business. Although the company focuses on building a physical products business by leveraging Amazon’s platform, their main goal is to change people’s lives by helping them attain financial freedom. Read reviews for more details on what the company offers.

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