Website Food For Thought Reviews The Venus Factor, The Revolutionary Weight Loss System For Women

July 02, 2015
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Fitness blog Food for Thought has recently reviewed a weight loss program called the The Venus Factor, created by weight loss specialist John Barban, on its website ( Backed by heavy research, the weight loss program was designed especially for women. Food for Thought supports Barban's goal of helping thousands of women achieve their ultimate weight loss goals through the Venus Factor.

John Barban, the program's designer, created the program with women in mind. His strong presence in the weight loss industry has allowed him to discover a proven way for women to lose weight safely and effectively, after spending most of his days as a top consultant for one of the nation's leading weight loss supplement companies. "For many years, I've been helping millions of women achieve their target weight. I'm willing to share everything I know about women's weight loss through The Venus Factor, after years and years of research and experience," states Barban on a video released on the Venus Factor diet's website.

Food for Thought acknowledges that weight loss has been a challenge for millions of women all over the world. As a result, Food for Thought reviewed John Barban's weight loss program and officially presented the Venus Factor to women. The Venus Factor is a 12-week complete weight loss program that combines metabolism-enhancing effects of a diet with a selection of easy exercises that women can do in the gym or at home. The diet and exercises are all performed to enhance and maximize the fat burning capabilities of the hormone lepitin, particularly found in high levels among women. The Venus Factor "unleashes" lepitin and allows it to reach its full potential, leading to weight loss and a faster fat burning process for women.

Since the program's inception, women who have tried the Venus Factor have been shedding weight at a quick and healthy rate. Food for Thought has received a lot of success stories, Venus Factor reviews, and before and after photos of women documenting their amazing weight loss transformations. Rebecca, a 29-year-old banker from Midtown, FL, owes John Barban her happiness. "Since trying the Venus Factor, I'm happy to report that my life has never been the same," Rebecca says. "I've been trying to lose weight since 16, and I thought all my efforts were in vain. Then I came across the Food for Thought website and Venus Factor. In just three months, I've dropped three dress sizes, and my self-esteem is at an all-time high. Thank you, John and Food for Thought!"

Food for Thought remains committed in sharing John Barban's weight loss program designed for women. "Helping women feel and look great has always been one of our goals," a Food for Thought weight loss ambassador said. "We invite all women to take that first step and achieve the ultimate weight loss through Venus Factor."

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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