Jason Katzenback, Amazing.com Co-Founder, Announced the Launch of Fundraising Campaign and Commitment to Match Three Times the Donations Made for Child Diagnosed with Aggressive Cancer

July 23, 2018
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Amazing.com co-founder, Jason Katzenback, recently announced the launch of a t-shirt fundraising campaign to help provide financial support to Kayge Fowler, a five-year-old boy who was suddenly diagnosed with a highly aggressive and difficult to treat brain cancer. Jason Katzenback and his wife Charlene have revealed that they will match, 3x over, every dollar donated to the t-shirt campaign. The Katzenback’s efforts come in the hopes of helping the young Fowler family with the financial support they need, as they endure many costs associated with treatment in this battle for their child’s life.

In 2015, Jason’s own daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer at the age of 18. Katzenback shared, “At the time I had a successful business and I was in a financial spot where I was able to step away from work. I was able to put 100% focus on the treatment of my daughter.” Jason expressed that even though he had the financial freedom and stability to travel and step away from work, he and his wife were still overwhelmed, devastated, and having a hard time functioning.

Jason explained, regarding this time of hardship, “It really kicked in a passion for us and made us realize, my dear goodness, how much harder this is for other people.” After struggling through an uphill battle, Katzenback’s daughter passed away in March of 2018. The family’s hearts were ignited with empathy and the desire to help other families. Two months after their daughter’s passing, Kayge Fowler, a five-year-old boy (and his daughter’s little cousin), was on his way to fight an even more aggressive brain cancer, diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas (DIPG).

Recognizing the Fowler family is not in the same financial spot as the Katzenbacks, Jason and his wife were compelled to help the young family any way they could. The Katzenbacks started a t-shirt fundraising campaign and agreed to match, 3 times over, every dollar donated to help provide the Fowler family with financial support they might not otherwise have.

Jason shared that Amazing.com prides itself on making everyone’s lives amazing and this is just one way his family can help support the company’s mission, “It all starts with one person, anything you can do, even something as simple as a t-shirt campaign.”

The Katzenback family is using Bonfire.com (Bonfire.com/lovegale-foundation-supporting-cage-fowler) to host the t-shirt campaign, each shirt costing $22. Jason revealed, “100% of the profits from the t-shirts are going directly to the young family and we’ll be matching every dollar raised for that three times over.” The fundraiser ends in just three days, the Katzenback family urges supporters to get their shirts now, before it's too late.

Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark founded Amazing.com in Austin, Texas. In addition to making everyone’s lives amazing, the company’s mission is to help sellers find financial freedom through their own successful Amazon business. The company offers online courses and live instruction, teaching entrepreneurs of all experience levels how to create a private label Amazon business.

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