A Provider of Wichita Falls Jobs Focuses on Total Worker Health

July 03, 2018
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Wichita Falls, TX -- In honor of Safety Month, this week’s safety topic is Employee Wellness, or total worker health, so provider of jobs in Wichita Falls, TX would like to concentrate on where Franchisees have the most impact—franchise office employees.

“Research has shown that working conditions and other factors at work can play a role in the long-term health of employees. To date, studies have linked working conditions and certain industries and occupations to a number of health conditions including depression, obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. These illnesses can lead to work absences and early disability, and decreased individual lifetime earnings and productivity,” notes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s publication “Total Worker Health” in 2016.

The Basics
This agency states that the foundation to employee wellness is giving employees the resources to have a good diet, reliable housing, access to a physician at a reasonable cost, and paid time away from work to deal with personal issues without suffering a financial impact. The ability to handle these things leads to overall wellness and preventing employees from becoming unhappy, stressed, or sick.

In addition to benefits, they also stress respecting your employees’ personal time. Consider if employees are actually getting enough time to have a healthy lunch. How often do employees have sleep or restful time at home interrupted due to work “emergencies.” Give employees the time to enjoy healthy food choices, relaxation between shifts, and good sleep. This includes structured scheduling of lunches, as well as “on-call” hours split between employees.

Staying Active
They strongly suggest to encourage employees to be active and take care of themselves. Poll the team to find out what would interest them, such as diet, exercise, or losing weight. Managers do not need to ask employees about their individual personal health, rather ask, “If we were to set a healthier living goal as an office, what would be something that would interest everyone?” At the Express Office, they have two examples to share. One structured method involves employees recording and submitting qualifying activities in order to receive discounts on their own cost for healthcare. On the less structured side, they have also hosted voluntary “Biggest Loser” challenges that reward simply by the percentage of weight lost, not the pounds.

This staffing company in Wichita Falls, TX understands what impacts employees’ financial well-being, providing a pay and benefits package that reduces stresses, and working with employees to find fun yet structured ways to promote a healthy lifestyle will increase attendance, productivity, and even job satisfaction, all while engaging your employees and increasing retention.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a website full of information and tools on total worker health. The Express Wichita Falls office is located at 3612 Kemp Blvd, Wichita Falls, TX 76308. Interested parties can call (940) 691-8367 or visit online at www.expresspros.com/WichitaFallsTX to learn more.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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