Mike Marko Releases Blog Post On Small Business Twitter Marketing

July 06, 2018
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Mike Marko, founder of IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, OH, has released his latest blog post, which is focused on using Twitter for the online marketing of a small business. His company offers a wealth of digital marketing services, such as social media marketing, SEO, blog content writing, website design, online marketing funnels, press releases, search engine marketing, pay per click, and email marketing. Additionally, Marko writes and publishes regular blog posts on specific elements of digital marketing, providing vital information to small businesses. His latest blog post is titled, 'A Quick Guide to Small Business Twitter Marketing'.

"The question is whether Twitter is good for small business marketing," says Mike Marko. "Starting and building up a small business can be challenging. Competition is fierce. Building your brand and promoting to customers is not easy. So you don't want to waste any of your effort (and money) on things that don't work. That's why many businesses use Twitter. As one of the most effective digital marketing platforms, Twitter has been used by many businesses to successfully generate leads."

In the blog post, Marko starts by explaining the steps required to build a Twitter page for a small business. He also delves deeper into why Twitter is of such importance and how it can be used to maximize online exposure. However, he feels that those wanting to start a business Twitter account should first prepare themselves properly. He explains: "Take advantage of businesses in the same industry. Their Twitter profiles will provide valuable information on how they draw attention and followers to their pages. In addition to this, build partnerships with social media influencers."

He then goes on to explain how businesses can enhance and maintain their profile visibility. He suggests to try mass following for small business Twitter, to engage with followers, and to promote new business offers and discounts. He also encourages business owners to take advantage of all the new features of Twitter and to use it with other social media channels. Mainly, he wants to encourage businesses to turn tweeting into a habit, thereby ensuring they are always available for and visible to their audience.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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