86Pixels Launches List Ninja Email Analytics Tool

June 12, 2018
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86Pixels LLC, which is based in Austin, TX, has announced the launch of the ListNinja email analytics tool. This email analytics tool enables people to gain insight as to who exactly their subscribers are. It also allows businesses to segment their audience based on a number of different attributes, thereby enabling them to send more effective content to those subscribers. The platform also allows marketers to engage with those email subscribers in other social media outlets as ListNinja finds each subscriber's different social media accounts as part of the process. More details are available at https://listninja.co/.

Jimmy Lipham from 86Pixels LLC says: "The days of marketers simply sending out email blasts to hundreds or thousands of subscribers are long gone. People are looking for targeted high-quality content that speaks directly to them. ListNinja allows email marketers to laser-focus that content directly to the individual subscriber as well as engage in a multi-channel marketing campaign with that same individual on other social platforms, all with a few simple clicks."

ListNinja focuses on email list segmentation in an easy to understand manner. It is the only tool of its kind that enables businesses to automatically segment their mailing list based on attributes that they feel are important. These could be such things as interests, industry, occupation, products they interacted with, and so on. Jimmy points out: "With ListNinja, you can turn prospects into customers."

This tool also enables businesses to find the influencers on their lists. They can filter subscribers by social following and topic, for instance, thereby identifying those whom they should directly contact to have greater brand awareness. Additionally, it enables businesses to find both partners and competitors. The main focus, however, is on identifying a target audience. Jimmy explains: "You can tailor your email content specifically to your target market by unveiling your subscribers' interests, industries, occupations, and employers."

People can now sign up for ListNinja and they will receive the first 25 subscribers on their mailing lists indexed and enhanced for free. People are encouraged to contact 86Pixels for further information or if they have any other questions.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About List Ninja:

ListNinja is the only email segmentation product that enables you to hyper-focus your emails for content that converts.

Contact List Ninja:

Jimmy Lipham
600 Congress Ave.
Austin, TX 78701