iProvèn's DMT-316B Dual Mode Thermometer For The Whole Family Now Available

June 11, 2018
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iProvèn, a company that focuses on providing medical-grade products for at home use, has announced the release of their latest medical thermometer, the Dual Mode DMT-316B. This thermometer is designed for the whole family, including young kids who are notorious for being difficult when taking their temperature.

Daniel from iProvèn says: "Our newest thermometer is designed with families in mind. Since iProvèn's team includes a lot of devoted moms and dads, we know from experience how much you can dread the approaching flu season, with the accompanying runny noses and feverish foreheads in children. During this season, suddenly everyone seems to be sick. With this scenario in mind, we developed the DMT-316B dual mode thermometer."

The DMT-316B can be used to take readings both through the ear and through the forehead. The ear measurement is consistently accurate and reliable. Swiping the thermometer across the forehead is much easier for babies and toddlers who won't sit still for any length of time, especially when they are sick. It is incredibly easy to use as well, as it simply requires the press of a button and a swipe of the forehead. The temperature is immediately indicated on the screen and, if a fever is detected, it will sound an alert and have a red display as well.

Daniel explains: "When you measure the temperature of your loved one, the display will light up in green, orange, or red. Green signifies happy and healthy. Orange signifies an elevated temperature. Red signifies the presence of a fever. It's as easy as that. You don't need to worry anymore if your kids' fever is serious enough to keep them home from school. The display will instantly tell you."

In addition, the new thermometer comes with an extensive memory function, enabling parents to monitor whether there is an improvement or deterioration in the condition. Daniel explains: "The thermometer saves up to 20 previous measurements. You no longer have to track your kid's fever with pen and paper. We made it easy for you with our DMT-316B's memory function. Simply click through the memory to track the temperature's progression."

People are encouraged to contact iProvèn should they have any questions about the new thermometer or their other range of products. The thermometer is now available on Amazon.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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